34 Things Every Tall Girl Can Relate To


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Tall Girl

1. You’ve been roughly the same height as a guy you really liked at least once in your life.

2. Leggings, jeans, and maxi dresses are always just slightly too ankle-bearing.

3. Those hooker shoes platform high heels that are so popular these days are completely unnecessary.

4. You’ve used Katie Holmes’ relationship with Tom Cruise as a means to make yourself feel better.

5. Any guy who is significantly taller is 25% more attractive, regardless of what the rest of him looks like.

6. “Oh, did you play basketball?”

7. “…No? Volleyball?”

8. Short guys are often intimidated by you, which usually leads to rude comments.

9. Footie pajamas just do not work.

10. There is only one inevitable outcome when you try to wear a romper: camel toe.

11. Finding a cute, low heel is nearly impossible.

12. Instagram frames always cut off the top of your head.

13. Hugging short friends requires either extreme knee-bending or crushing their face into your boobs.

14. …But that second option tends to eradicate the “How’s the weather up there” comments from the vocabularies of the aforementioned intimidated short guys.

15. At least one time in your life, you’ve stood up from your seat at the bar, only to realize that the (significantly shorter) guy you were getting to know is now in “flight” mode.

16. Some guys are too intimidated to let you wear heels.

17. When you do it anyway, you see his point.

18. Regular dresses often become shirts and regular shirts often become crop tops.

19. “No leg room” in airplane seats is a whole new level of uncomfortable when you have this much leg. (Sooo you casually abuse the in-flight beverage service. No big.)

20. You haven’t crossed your legs under the desk in class since the fourth grade.

21. Dancing is 100% more awkward when your lanky limbs are flailing everywhere.

22. You have an undeniable thing for basketball players.

23. You are ALWAYS instructed to be in the back of pictures.

24. That cute stand-on-your-tiptoes-as-you-kiss-him thing that’s all over Pinterest is as fantastical as a glass slippers and pumpkin carriages.

25. Batting your eyes in a cutesy manner at the bouncer is less likely to work when you’re his height.

26. You’ve never been described as “dainty.”

27. Spooning somehow doesn’t make you feel quite as cute and cuddly when your feet reach his.

28. A guy picking you up to twirl you around becomes infinitely less whimsical when he can’t do it.

29. You haven’t been able to order off the “12 and under” children’s menu since you were 11.

31. Your spirit animal is a giraffe.

32. You’ve been heckled at the movies, because someone’s kid can’t see over you.

33. You don’t need one of those long hook devices to reach clothing on the high racks while shopping.

34. You’ve learned to feel like an absolute badass no matter what, because you wear confidence like makeup.

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    • -9

      Is 5’10” really that tall for women? My mom is the 2nd shortest in her family and she is 6’3″. I feel like you can’t really call someone “tall” unless they’re at least 6′. But maybe that’s just my family.

      ^ ThisBless your heartReply • 3 years ago
      • -33

        First of all, that is awesome! And I’m 5’11.5 and am reminded that I’m tall just about every day by someone haha people usually think of anything over 5’9 as tall? I would agree though, I think women aren’t “tall” until about 6′ and men aren’t until 6’5! 🙂

        ^ ThisBless your heartReply • 3 years ago
  1. 25

    35. You pass by another 6’0 or so girl and stand WAY straighter, because that’s your gig. (However, you do say to her as you pass “I see that you’re Regular Sized, too.”)
    36. Height Makes Might. or Right. (My 6’9″ father’s saying)
    37. You try out cars by sitting in them to see if you see through the windshield, or through the seam at the top. That super cute new Fiat – yeah, no.
    38. When you put down the sun visor, you obscure your view of the road.
    39 When your passenger helpfully puts down your sun visor, she obscures your view of the road. When she puts down HERS, she obscures your view of her side.
    40. If you put anything in a lower drawer in the kitchen, you kiss it goodbye. Finding wayward pot lids becomes an exercise in contortionist floor squat/yoga, as you REALLY try not to have to LIE DOWN to see in there.
    41. Your shoe size is never, ever there.
    42. Your answer to the “volleyball/basketball” question has become a sweet “Do you ride horses…?”
    43. As soon as you enter a party you find the arm of a chair to perch on so your head is low enough to HEAR people.
    44. You will never, ever wear “crop” versions of leggings/jeans/etc. because it just looks like you busted out the bottom of regular ones.
    45. People are FOREVER putting their foot next to your foot or their hands next to your hands, to show how “big they are.”
    46. Your secret dream is that some guy could actually do a “throw you over their shoulder and carry you around” thing. You don’t tell anyone this of course.
    47. You’re immediately “one of the boys” – and never, ever, cute, cuddly, girly, sweet, or any of those type of words that short girls hate.
    48. You haven’t been carded since you were 14. You were asked while in high school to get beers for guys who were in college. And it worked.
    49. You find yourself charitably helping folks all the time who “can’t reach” the cereals at the top shelf, etc. You have no idea what’s on the bottom shelves. Probably just as well.
    50. You’ve stood off a curb, on a lower stair, or perfected the “one hip sink” to kiss a guy.
    51. When you walk into a movie theatre, folks even 2 rows back give you a super dirty look. You’ve perfected the “butt slump” to take about 5″ off your height and hope that no one shows up in front of you, as your feet are usually on the back of their chair or seat arm to perfect this position.

    ^ ThisBless your heartReply • 3 years ago
  2. -4

    25. Batting your eyes in a cutesy manner at the bouncer is less likely to work when you’re his height.

    It can be worse if you’re taller…hence why you always make friends with the bouncers!!! LOL

    ^ ThisBless your heartReply • 3 years ago
  3. -12

    When I visit the coast, I get looks from girls frequently. But, if you are from the Upper Midwest like me, most girls are at least 5’9″. Being 6’0″ classifies you as ‘normal’ height, if not short for some.

    ^ ThisBless your heartReply • 3 years ago