8 More Easy Crafts That Require You To Drink First


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A while back, I had noticed that a bunch of my friends had taken to saving their wine corks and decided to compile some easy crafts to utilize them, instead of just having vases upon cork-filled vases decorating their apartments. But it occurred to me that those corks had to have come from somewhere and that there was a whole avenue of post-drinking crafting that was being ignored here – wine bottle creations. So here’s a round-up of some simple things you can do with your leftover wine bottles.

1. Candle Holders/Vases

Yes, of course, you can take the easy route and just stick some taper candles or flowers in the neck of the bottle and call it a day. But why just do that when there are so many other options to decorate the bottle first – for the different holidays Like Halloween, a little bit of lace , chalk paint, stencils, ombre , or every sorority girl’s favorite – glitter. Pinterest is literally full of bottle decorating ideas.

2. Lamp

This is so easy there isn’t even instructional on it. All you need to do is order this kit from Amazon, stick a shade on it if you want, and voila! You have a new lamp.

3. Candle Covers

Guess what? You don’t need tools to cut the bottom off of a wine bottle – all you need is some acetone, string, and a little fire. Probably not a good idea to attempt this at the same time you finish that bottle of wine, but here’s a video to show you how.

4. Homemade Candles

While you use the top half of the bottle to cover tea lights, you can use the bottom half to make a candle of your own. Not wasting anything around here. Plus, you can use the same decorating techniques as above to make these into personalized gifts – better than buying your mom yet another Yankee Candle for Mother’s Day because it’s made with love – cue the tears, people.

5. Boot Savers

Getting crafty! #bootsavers #rainydaycrafts

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This one uses plastic water bottles to make boot savers, but there’s no reason you can’t use a wine bottle. Let’s be honest, we know you’ve got more of those lying around anyway.

6. Night Light

Finally done. #wine #winebottlelamp #diy #projectmode #crafts

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How cute is this to keep on your nightstand for when you need a little mood lighting?

7. String of Bottles

Definitely making these this break! #winebottlelamp #christmaslights #diy

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Don’t want to be so crafty as to glue jewels onto the bottle? No problem, this one’s for you lazy girls – you can turn a bunch of different colored bottles into a decoration with a string of Christmas lights in two seconds, and it will look like you actually put some effort in decorating your apartment, when all you did was drink.

8. Photo Frames

Buying picture frames for all the snaps you deem worthy to actually print instead of just keep on your Insta can get expensive. Plus, it’s an awesome gift idea for your big or little, filled with a picture of the two of you and decorated with your chapter’s symbols and colors.

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