A Single Girl Attempting To Survive Valentine’s Season: Week 1


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Nice Move

Dear Diary,

So far, so good. Things are going smoothly on my mission to survive this Valentine’s Day. I know I need to remain strong and build up my tough exterior now, since my surroundings will only get more treacherous over the next two weeks. It’s going to be a bloodbath between the couples desperate to showcase their “love,” and the singles desperate to prove how “happy” they are being “independent.” I, for one, don’t think it’ll be a clean fight.

But where do I stand? I am on my own. I pledge my allegiance to neither side! I’m trying to get by undetected while these two groups go to battle. While I think the “happy” “independent” singles are trying to recruit me to their side, I’m not good undercover. I know who I am, and it’s a pessimistic loner. Oddly enough, the “in-love” couples have not tried recruiting me. They must assume I’m already one of them, because you know, I look like such a catch.

Morale: Haven’t cried once yet. Valentine’s really hasn’t crossed my mind yet. Spirits remain high. Mission successful.

Signs Of Danger: I almost didn’t survive this surprise ambush. As I turned the corner, this Valentine’s bomb almost took me out. I am still here. I am a survivor.

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 1.03.06 PM

Health: No injuries thus far. Only slight shock and mild anxiety from the sudden emergence of giant teddy bears and heart-shaped boxes of chocolate bombarding my surroundings.

Until next week,

Single Survivor


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