Cara Delivingne Is Kind Of A B*tch, Kind Of Awesome


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Nice Move

Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne is awesome. She’s the ultimate cool girl that guys fantasize about marrying, because she’s basically a dude, but still insanely hot. She doesn’t give a fuck, and has the kind of attitude that straight up intimidates. Recently she gave an interview to some morning show goobers about her upcoming film, Paper Towns, and frankly, sassed the hell out of them.

Personally, I didn’t think she was being all that bitchy. Homegirl called her Carla the first time she said her name, and then insinuated that she didn’t read. It’s kind of insulting. But Cara didn’t say anything crazy or call her out. She simply answered questions sarcastically. It was funny.

People are going crazy, of course. But what I really appreciate is that Cara didn’t apologize. She tweeted her response to the mayhem, and basically said that if someone doesn’t get her, it’s their fault, not hers.

I like her style.

[via Complex]

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