Dating Older Guys Increases The Chance Of A Nasty Break Up


I’d say I’m in favor of dating older guys. Older men just have a mature quality that make you wonder why you date morons who only do laundry when they’re out of clean underwear. Plus, no one can resist a silver fox. I saw a picture of Freddie Prinze Jr. the other day, and dude is seriously rocking the salt and pepper look. Not to mention, I tried dating a younger guy once, but then he was all “I don’t drink,” so I pulled a Ryan Lochte and gtfo.

A study from Emory University in Atlanta investigated the ideal age difference in a relationship. They looked at 3,000 people and found that those with a bigger age gap run the greater rick of breaking up. Couples with a five-year age gap were 18 percent more likely to run into relationship problems, while couples with a ten-year age gap have a 39 percent chance. Basically the bigger the gap, the higher their chances of going all Jelena on each other and splitting the fuck up. The ideal age difference? A one-year age gap, with a 3 percent chance of breaking up.

As always, correlation does not equal causation. It’s very possible that women who choose to date older men are also the kinds of women who chastise their men for smiling at waitresses. I guess it would make sense that couples who have a smaller age gap would have more in common. Still, it’s hard to take the findings of this study seriously when you consider the fact that Beyoncé and Jay-Z have a 12 year age difference.

[via Cosmopolitan]

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