Georgia Linebacker Proposes In The Most SEC Way Possible (Video)


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Nice Move

Every girl dreams of having a fairytale proposal. These fairytale proposals tend to be a long romantic day (typically centered around us) spent with the man of your dreams that results with him on one knee holding a huge diamond gleaming back at you. We picture something with a string quartet, bouquets of roses, or maybe even a sunset on the beach.

Georgia linebacker, Jake Ganus, has been dating his girlfriend, Peyton Thomas for seven years. If I were Peyton, I’d assume that a proposal was right around the corner. After putting in years of sitting in bleachers, watching her man play, she’s earned some serious points.

Must have been on my game 7 years ago, @peytonthomas still won't leave me alone 😉

A photo posted by Jake Ganus (@jakeganus_51) on

Finally the time came, and he got down on one knee. Except, on a football field. After a game. While sweaty.

Now, maybe I’m being cynical, and Peyton is one of those rare girls that actually likes football. There is, after all, a strange trend in the SEC that the female student body actually cares about it. Suspicious if you ask me. If she’s like the rest of us, though, it’s probably a football player girlfriend façade. We’ll never know. But what I do know is that no girl wants to spend their special moment getting tackled by a bunch of sweaty boys.

My brothers and my fiancé.

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On the other hand, who am I to talk? It’s their own personal SEC themed fairytale, and she’s got something most of us don’t: a hot, successful fiancé. They’ll be able to tell this tale to their grandkids from the alumni tent at tailgate for years to come.

I just hope when my nonexistent boyfriend proposes, it’s a little less sweaty.

[via Bleacher Report]


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