I Didn’t Want The New iPhone And Then I Saw This Ad


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Nice Move

I’m a very impatient person. Two weeks ago I cracked my iPhone 6, and although fully aware that the new iPhone 7’s release was right around the corner, I ran out and got the iPhone 6s Plus as fast as I could. “How much better could this new phone even be?” I thought. “I’m only getting this one for the camera quality, anyway!” I said reassuringly.

I had seen the articles and the speculations of what the new iPhone might be like, but I wasn’t impressed. But then the Apple Event event. And of course, I had to see what the hype was about. I took a deep breathe, clutched my wallet, and pressed play.

And like Apple does time and time again, they proved me wrong. They took my “new” iPhone, crumbled it into a million tiny pieces, and then shoved the new shiny one in my face. Guess I’ll be the peasant over here with the 6 Plus until my next upgrade.

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