Jennifer Lawrence Only Hires Hot Bodyguards And That’s Why She’s Better Than Everyone


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Nice Move

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Jennifer Lawrence is awesome. It’s rumored that God actually sent her to us to apologize for the Kardashians. She’s down to earth, she likes to eat, and your boyfriend still has a crush on her even though she’s super awkward, which gives you some major hope.

As it turns out, the only person more perfect than JLaw is her hunky body guard, recently spotted alongside the actress in New York. Apparently Jen’s choice of bodyguards is uniform, in that she consistently picks the hottest slams to trail and protect her from potential crazies like you and me. A source recently told Us Weekly, “Jennifer likes the hot ones!” And we’re all just like, “Psh, who the fuck doesn’t?”

He’s beautiful, he looks well mannered, and most importantly, he is not to be confused with her other super hot bodyguard, spotted next to Lawrence at LAX airport:

What can we take from this, children? A very important lesson: JLaw is a boss ass bitch, and she just happens to be living the life we all want. This girl is surrounding herself with grade-A man candy ’round the clock, and I want nothing more than to initiate a slow clap for this tricky bitch. I’m guessing every dude she hires falls madly in love with her and professes their love in a very emotional I’d-take-a-bullet-for-you type of speech before she knowingly guides them back to the friendzone with a gentle “Aw, you’re such a good friend.”

Never change, JLaw. Never change.

[via Us]

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