Nick Jonas Drops The Restricted Trailer For His New Fraternity Movie


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Nice Move


Two years ago we found out that Nick Jonas would be starring in the fraternity based movie “Goat.” So we patiently waited, dreaming of Nick inviting us to his formal or serenading us at chapter meetings. Then a few months ago, we finally got some more info and got a look at the hazing in the so-called “brutal and harrowing” movie. And, well, it turned out to be more “hilarious” than “harrowing.”

Regardless of whether it’s accurate to real ~fraternity culture~ or not, you’ll probably ending up watching it at one point or another because Nick Jonas and James Franco. What is it about those Franco brothers and fraternity movies anyway?

Knowing that we are putty in his hands, the self-proclaimed bacon lover tweeted out the new “restricted” trailer. You can watch it here. Warning: there are boobs.

I’m just confused. Is this a comedy? A drama? Perhaps…a romance? Whatever it is, I’ll be there to fuel my long-lasting parasocial relationship with Nick. Love ya, babe.

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