Study Finds That Millennial Men Are All Momma’s Boys, What An Incredible Shock


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Millennials get a bad rep most of the time, and for good reasons. No matter how sensibly you and I may carry ourselves, those obnoxiously entitled social media warriors keep dragging us down. The general population outside of our age group pretty much hates us for all the stupid shit we do, and it’s hard to blame them when we reflect on all the dumb decisions we make on a daily basis. This case is no different.

Pew Research Center found some statistics that target another flaw among millennials, more specifically, male millennials. The study found that about 35 percent of men between the ages of 18 and 34 live with a parent. Not totally shocking, but slightly alarming when you compare it to the 28 percent of that same age group that live with a partner. This means more guys are choosing to live with mommy and daddy rather than with their romantic partners. This is also the first time this living situation trend has occurred since the 1940’s, and we should all probably be a tad bit concerned.

The trend doesn’t hold true for millennial women, which proves once again that we are the smarter sex. I just wonder why some guys think they’ll be better off living in their childhood home than with their girlfriends, or even alone. Has anyone told them that living in their parent’s basement is pretty much a universal turn off? No one likes a guy who has the ability to live independently but chooses to sleep in a twin bed with Star Wars sheets.

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