This Girl Looks Exactly Like Megan Fox


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Nice Move

Megan Fox

When you strike up a conversation about the hottest women in Hollywood, names like Kendall Jenner, Kate Upton, and Megan Fox are going to come up eight times out of ten. Personally, if I were wishing to look like anyone in the world, Megan Fox might just take the cake. Not a soul would complain if they were confused for her. But unfortunately, Megan’s doppleganger already exists in the form of Brazilian babe and Vice “Miss Bum Bum” 2014, Cláudia Alende.

Seriously, she looks exactly like Megan Fox.

@alendeclaudia @trendfashionday @trendfashionday

A photo posted by Cláudia Alende (@claudiaalende) on

@alendeclaudia @alendeclaudia

A photo posted by Cláudia Alende (@claudiaalende) on

Vestindo @missmisterhollywood

A photo posted by Cláudia Alende (@claudiaalende) on

It was not easy to find pictures without titties, folks. So while you don’t look like Megan Fox, at least no one can say that about you, right?

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