University Of Houston Student Is Searched By Cops For Tweeting About Protecting Sorority Women


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Nice Move


Recently news broke at the University of Houston that Blood gang members were given the task of killing a sorority woman in order to be initiated. It’s sick, twisted, and yet another unfortunate event steering people away from Greek life.

However, people deal with serious situations in different ways, and for most of us, we deal with things through humor. And that’s exactly what U of H student, Caleb Manby did. Caleb, a Kappa Sigma, tweeted out an awkward (and hilarious) photo of him holding a gun with a goofy grin which blew up Twitter. Pretty funny, and gutsy if you ask me.

However, the police did not find it so humorous when they decided to search his residence for fire arms. I mean, I’m not law enforcement, but I think they have more important things at hand than a tweet, like I don’t know, monitoring gang activity?

Totally worth it.

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