Zac Efron Goes To Rehab For Cocaine Addiction After Starring As Frat Boy


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Nice Move

Zac Efron isn’t just pretty, you guys. He’s fun, too!

During the filming of Neighbors, the Seth Rogen film in which a suburban family finds themselves amid a prank war with the frat house next door, Efron really took his role to heart. He let his cocaine problem spiral out of control. After a “coke rager” in Vegas, during which Efron and friends caused $50,000 in damages, he did a stint in rehab, which he just completed.

Sources tell TMZ that it was “Common knowledge [Zac] was struggling with cocaine,” though he also dabbled in molly, so I’m confused why nobody heard about it until now. I like my child stars with obviously tortured souls a la Lohan. Aren’t we supposed to see you slowly approaching your demise before you enter rehab for your ultimate Hollywood comeback? Either way, I think drugs were a great career move for the High School Musical star. He ditched that annoying Vanessa Hudgens character (who’s now the star of a HORRIBLE reality TV show about her best friendship with the way-less-relevant Ashley Tisdale, if you’re interested), and has now shown the world he’s ready to party. I’d party with Zac.

His representatives were contacted, but “Don’t think [they’ll] be making a comment.”

[via TMZ]

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