10 Celebrities That Would Be The Perfect Addition To Your Sorority

There are plenty of famous actresses, singers, and businesswomen that are former sorority girls. But these celebs weren’t, and it’s a crying shame, because they’d be perfect additions to any chapter. Plus, I really like imagining Taylor Swift tip toeing through campus in the morning holding her heels, rocking an XL shack shirt.

Reese Witherspoon

Why? Well first off, she’s the most legendary sorority girl that was never even in a sorority. It would be a crime not to include the real life Elle Woods on this list. And she basically is the real life Elle Woods. Just more southern. And preppy. She owns a boutique with some of the most WASP-y country club-y attire I’ve ever seen. It’s a no-brainer.

What would she contribute? Reese would most likely be recruitment chair. She’d have the tulle, mason jars, and floral arrangements ready like some sort of rush Wonder Woman. Unlike any normal human being, she’d probably do it with a smile on her face, not understanding why everyone else finds this position so stressful.

Jersey Shore Era Snooki

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Why? She’s the token hot mess member that every chapter needs to thrive.

What would she contribute? Broke up with your man friend and need a night out? Is it a Wednesday at 4 PM? No worries, Snooki will arrive at your doorstep with a bottle of vodka in one hand and a Four Loko in the other. And at the end of the night she’s holding your hair back as you vomit in the Taco Bell bathroom.

Taylor Swift

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Why? Ever seen the woman’s Instagram? It’s really one giant #TSM. The girl loves sequins, crafting, and knowing literally everyone.

What would she contribute? Taylor Swift without a doubt, would be the president. Since she knows everyone, she’d be able to network her way to getting the chapter the best sisterhood events. And since men love crazy, you better believe you’d only have mixers with the best fraternities. Plus, like any good president, she’d be sugary sweet to everyone’s face, but also a secret bitch.

Paris Hilton

Why? She’s Paris Hilton.

What would she contribute? Paris would never hold a position, but she’d be a vital member for one reason. That reason is, donations from daddy dear. Hey, it’s for philanthropy. Not to mention, you’d never need to buy a formal dress again. You’d be able to borrow an outfit for every event ever. As long as the material stretches, that is. Although she’d probably be late, or wouldn’t show up to required meetings and practices, she’d always finds her way out of getting kicked out.

Anna Kendrick

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Why? She’s honestly perfect, I think. I don’t think I’ve ever met a girl, or boy, who doesn’t like Anna Kendrick. That’s the kind of member everyone wants.

What would she contribute? Other than being gorgeous, Anna has more talent in her pinky than most of us have in our whole body. She’s smart, hilarious, and can sing?! TF?! Anna would direct recruitment skits, and star in any “talent show” related events.

Mariah Carey


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Why? She’s extremely extra. She’s the glamorous diva we all thought we would be one day before reality hit. She’s confident, and thinks she’s the most gorgeous person in the room at all times. #TSM.

What would she contribute? She wouldn’t hold a position due to her rigorous social schedule along with her intense beauty routines. There’d be no time, darling. Even though she’d probably miss most of recruitment due to some lavish vacation, she’d arrive just in time to belt out an attention-grabbing, tear-inducing solo on pref night.

Julianne Hough

Why? She’s blonde and nice. What more could you want?

What would she contribute? Julianne would choreograph any dance related event. Not only would she be available for choreography purposes, she’d guarantee you’d win and the video of your routine would break the Internet. She’d also be that girl that makes everyone look bad when she goes way over the required philanthropy hours.


Why? She loves attention. And being better than everyone else. And stealing all of the men without getting emotionally involved.

What would she contribute? Rihanna walking around wearing your letters is the best PR anyone could ever have. No one doesn’t want to be Rihanna.

Nicole Richie

Why? She loves wine and fashion. She’s the life of the party, and could probably convince anyone to go out.

What would she contribute? Nicole would definitely be t-shirt chair. Forget about the ol’ “a girl would be two things” and “when life gives you lemons, put them in your sweet tea and thank God you’re a insert sorority” formula. You’re getting innovative, high fashion t-shirt designs that errybody is going to be jealous of.

Selena Gomez

Why? She looks like the good girl next door, but has a secret party girl side.

What would she contribute? Selena Gomez would be standards. Unlike other Standards, she’d be a cool standards. She’s be dancing on tables with you, letting everyone off easy.

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