10 Reasons Emily Thorne Gets a Bid

10 Reasons Emily Thorne Gets A Bid

1. She has a great wardrobe

Whether she’s dressing up for a formal party at the Grayson’s, or having dinner with her hot not-quite boyfriend/fiancé, Emily always looks great. Her dresses are absolutely perfect. She looks great in casual wear too, always rocking the great skinny jeans, heels, and blazer look. Even when she’s hashing out diabolical plans and exacting revenge on people, she still looks chic as fuck.

2. She’s a genius with boys

Whether she’s trying to destroy their lives or just sleep with them, our girl Emily has every guy in her life wrapped around her finger. She’s “engaged” to the hottest guy in New York, the sexy bartender is in love with her, and she banged some crazy hot British guy. Most girls would let all this attention go to their heads, but Emily takes it all in stride. It’s easy to be jealous of the girl who gets a ton of attention from guys, but Emily would still be way fun to hang out with because she doesn’t let guys take priority of her goals.

3. She’s a good friend

Even though she keeps most people at arm’s length, Emily is a loyal friend to the people she cares about. She’ll never forgive herself for Amanda’s death, and has stayed by Nolan’s side throughout her entire revenge scheme. Even though she hates her family, Emily is a good friend to her half-sister, Charlotte, too. Any girl who gets a bid should be a great friend to her pledge sisters, and Emily would make a great addition to any house.

4. She’s a daddy’s girl

We love our moms, but we LOVE our Dads. Without Daddy dearest, whose credit card would fund your habits? Even though Emily tragically lost her father, she still honors his memory. She’s such a daddy’s girl that she decided to launch a diabolical plan to avenge his death, actually.

5. She pulls off the whole “dual identity” thing flawlessly

Is she Emily? Is she Amanda? Does it matter at this point? Most people would probably be freaked out by her ability to pull off an alter ego, but I think it would make a her a genius Rho Chi during recruitment. If she could live with another identity for years, she could totally disaffiliate for a few months.

6. She’s a world traveler

From Japan to China, Emily has had her passport stamped a few times. All of her worldly experience would make her an ideal study abroad companion, and going abroad with one of your sisters makes the experience even better than it already would have been. She’s also fluent in a million languages, which would not only be helpful when you’re trying to cram for your Spanish class, but mucho ayuda if you’re drunk on spring break and trying to mitigate a cab in Acapulco.

7. She’d be Fun to Drink With

I’ve never seen her get sloppy drunk, but we all know she loves her vodka just as much as she loves her champagne. Any girl who can hold down a few drinks without turning into a drunk disaster is an obvious asset to any chapter. She could be the not-sober sober monitor.

8. She’s Smart

She speaks a million languages, she understands ridiculous computer jargon, and she can single handedly exact a diabolical plan to destroy a terrorist group. Every smart girl is a valuable asset to her house. Studying for finals sucks, but it doesn’t suck as much if one of your pledge sisters can explain calc to you better than your TA can in his broken English.

9. She’s Merciless

Hell hath no fury like Emily Thorne. She has no problem wreaking havoc on the lives of those who have wronged her, and I can’t imagine what she would do to a frenemy, or the cheating ex-boyfriend of her bestie. She’d be the best friend to have if you needed to get revenge on someone. Not only would she help you slash your ex’s tires, but she’d probably find a way to mess with the campus computer systems and make him fail out of college, too.

10. She Always Gets What She Wants

Even though Victoria Grayson has voiced her disdain for Emily, Emily doesn’t have a problem showing up at Grayson manner and asserting her authority over the mega bitch of a matriarch. Emily won’t let Daniel’s parents stand in the way of her engagement, much like she won’t let anyone else stand in the way of anything else she wants. She would be the best weapon during recruitment, because she’d somehow manage to secure the absolute best pledge class ever. She’d also be great when it came down to getting a Greek Week pair, and she’d probably even find a way to get your great great grand little a fake ID if you asked her. Bid.


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