10 Reasons We Are All Tina Belcher


  1. She loves boys.
    One of Tina’s most defining qualities is her love for the opposite sex. Tina loves boys of all shapes, ages, and sizes. If she wrote for TSM, she would have all of the crazy sex stories. But most importantly, she would let us know that it’s okay to be a little boy crazy sometimes. You have to embrace your inner crazy to really enjoy it.
  2. She’ll do anything for her family.
    The Belchers stick together. “From the womb, to the tomb” as Gene once said. When someone is picking on her, Gene and Louise always come to the rescue. And when they need her help, no matter the ridiculous scheme she is always there to support. Tina teaches us that nothing is more important than family.
  3. Sometimes she can be a bit awkward.
    Not all of Tina’s moments are charismatic. In fact, she spends most of her time embarrassing herself in front of Jimmy Jr. But Tina never lets it get to her too much. We all have those moments where we say the wrong thing in front of the guy we like. But be more like Tina…don’t give a shit because you’re awesome and you know it.
  4. She loves butts.
    This one goes without saying. Tina is a tastemaker. She truly appreciates the wonderfulness of a good guy butt. We all love butts. End of story.
  5. She loves herself.
    Self-love is key. Even though Tina has her moments, she always has her self-confidence. She knows that when it comes down to it, she’s a boss ass bitch who can’t be stopped. She never lets her enemies like Tammy bring her down. And when they try to, she stands up for herself. She knows that her self-worth comes from within. And that’s kickass.
  6. But she still has her insecure moments.
    She isn’t perfect. Sometimes she doubts her fashion choices or friend choices. Every girl has her moments. But most importantly, she realizes that in the end she is still awesome AF.
  7. Sometimes she hangs with the wrong people.
    Tina is no stranger to the concept of frenemies. Tammy is her #1 problem, but she also wants to fit in. Sometimes we surround ourselves with the wrong people just to fit the mold. Hey, we aren’t perfect. And neither is T. That’s okay.
  8. She’s hooked on that one guy.
    Most girls have that one guy they always come back to. Sure, we may have some guys in between but it always comes down to just one. For Tina, it’s Jimmy Jr. We get it, girl. He’s just got ya hooked.
  9. She has that one hobby she likes a little too much.
    For Tina, it’s horses. For us, it’s drinking. Or maybe you collect something weird. It’s good to have hobbies…even if you own like 15 porcelain ponies.
  10. She knows how to be both sexy AND smart.
    This is one of the best things about Tina. She knows that in order to be awesome you can be sexy and smart. She knows it’s important not to just be some bimbo but to be a total triple threat: smart, sexy, and funny. She is a total lady hero, and we all have Tina qualities inside of us.

Image via Netflix

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