10 Reasons Your Little Makes The Best Date


I like to think that date parties in college are karma’s way of getting back at me for having a boyfriend during Sadie’s season in high school. I had it way too easy. Now, it’s a totally different story. Whether you have 48 hours or upwards of 2 weeks to find a date, high levels of stress and a few emotional breakdowns are sure to follow. If you’re one of the lucky ones who get a yes from the first guy they ask, then this doesn’t really apply to you. But if you’re like the rest of us looking for a date up until the morning of the event, trust me on this one. Just take your little.

1. You Can Get Ready Together

Is there a better way to get excited about the night than listening to R. Kelly’s, “Ignition” while undergoing a Cinderella-esque transformation with your best friend? Absolutely not.

2. She’ll Chip In For The Pregame

When you take a date, 9.5 times out of 10 you provide (and pay for) the alcohol. Even if he’s one of the rare, nice guys who offers to help pay, you have to turn him down because it’s really the ~polite~ thing to do. Your little will Venmo you for half, and bring the bottle of chase, before you even have the chance to ask.

3. She Understands How Important Pictures Are

Getting your date to take the 500 pictures necessary to find the 1 that’s instagram-worthy can become a hassle. Your little will try the different poses and lighting necessary to get that perfectly staged candid. A plandid, if you will. Bonus points if she asks person holding your iPhone, “Can you take just one more?”

4. You’ll Always Have A Bathroom Buddy

Made the mistake of breaking the seal? If you were with a date, he would have to wait outside the bathroom door, in turn forcing you to rush (God forbid he thinks you’re pooping or something). Not to worry though, because your little understands one of the most basic, unspoken rules of girl code: girls cannot let other girls go to the bathroom alone. You can take your time, maybe even take an extra minute to check yourself out in the mirror, because chances are she’s taking just as long as you are. Plus, we all know that the bathroom is the best bonding place for drunk girls.

5. She Will Eat All Of The Food With You

Pre-, during, and post-formal, the drunchies are so real.

6. She’ll Dance With You Like No One Is Watching

Grinding against your date is only sexy and fun for so long. Eventually it just turns into a leg and thigh workout. Dancing around, pretending like it’s just another Friday night on the frat dance floor, doing ridiculous dance moves with your little is the secret to having way more fun. And when your feet start to hurt from the torture devices that are heels, she will totally understand the need to sit down and take a break.

7. No Need To Worry About Catching Feelings

If you’re like me and catch feels for anyone that gives you the slightest amount of attention, date parties can pose a problem. Taking your little is basically taking preventative measures that will ultimately save you from the weeks of stalking his social media, waiting for a text back, etc.

8. You Can Be Yourself

One of the biggest fears associated with taking a date or getting set up with one is the initial awkwardness that comes along with it. What if you run out of things to talk about? Is he expecting us to hookup? With your little, you’re already 100% comfortable so you won’t need to hold anything back.

9. She’ll Be Right By Your Side All Night

Whether it’s the fact that someone else in the house asked your ex-hookup, or that you drank too much, your little is there to comfort you. She’ll tell you that you’re prettier and better off without him, she’ll hold your hair back, and she’ll put a smile back on your face just in time for your song to come on.

10. You Are Guaranteed To Have A Good Time

Date parties have a lot of potential for disaster: your date could get wasted, he could turn out to be an asshole, or he could be straight up weird. Taking your little eliminates all possible catastrophes for a night you’ll (hopefully) remember.

Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself.

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Jess, whose stress levels frequently reach Brittany circa 2007, is currently in the process of changing her major to Basic White Girl Studies, with a minor in Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Most nights and weekends she can be found "studying" at the same fraternities, taking advantage of their free alcohol in the form of plastic handles.

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