10 Signs Your Best Friend Has Basically Moved In With You

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For many of us, our roommates are our closest friends in college. They are the ones who have the privilege of seeing us every morning before we’ve fixed our faces and combed our hair. They see our dirty dishes, refrain from judging our outrageous eating, drinking, and sleeping habits, and learn more about us than we sometimes mean to share. While many of us are lucky to call most of our roommates our future bridesmaids, there are times when there are more girls in our core friend groups than beds in our houses. If you know what I’m talking about, you have a friend who lives with you even though she technically pays rent somewhere else. You may even find yourself introducing said friend to new people as one of your roommates, because referring to her as anything else just doesn’t seem to give your friendship justice. Here are 10 ways you know you have learned you don’t have to share an address to know you are actually roommates:

1. Your friends will undoubtedly ask where she is whenever you and your roommates show up somewhere without her.

2. You will make the effort to go to the hardware store to make her a spare key because it’s easier than unlocking the door every day when she comes over. This way, she can come and go as she pleases, just like you want her to.

3. You text her every day to ask her what her dinner plans are.

4. You expect her to get ready at your house and are hurt when she tells you she’s going to get ready at home.

5. She has her own shelf in your fridge or cabinet, stocked with her own food and alcohol. Coincidentally, she is always invited to your house meals, and sometimes she even cooks.

6. She keeps an extra toothbrush in your bathroom and a change of clothes in your dresser.

7. Her car is always parked outside. You may have even given her an extra parking spot if you’re lucky enough to have that luxury.

8. If she isn’t back at your house at the end of the night, you text her to ask where she is or to make sure she made it to her own bed safely.

9. She is included in your house group chat, and has to listen to conversations about who is paying the cable bill and when the trash needs to be taken out.

10. If she knocks to come into your house, hell must have frozen over.

If you lived together, things would be easier, but remember how lucky you are to have a friend who’s worth making the extra effort to spend so much time with. Odds are, she’ll be the kind who sticks around forever.

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