10 Things You Need To Invest In For A Successful Semester

Things You Need To Invest In For A Successful Semester

It’s already Spring semester, so you know what that means. Time to boost those Fall GPAs! You had the best intentions last semester, but oh how quickly that changed. Somehow one missed class turned into seven, and after four (or ten) stressed out Adderall cram sessions, you’ve probably realized it’s time for a change. Now is the time to start. Help yourself before it’s too late and you’re forced to drop out and work at whichever fast-food chain will accept your underachieving self.

1. A Planner

You should not be able to register for college courses unless you own a planner. There is no possible way that you can survive life after the age of eighteen without a one. Get one, and here’s the key: actually use it. Pencil in tests. Pencil in how early you need to start studying (not the night before). Pencil in when you plan on going to get blackout. As annoying as it is, the more micromanaged you are, the more you’re likely to stick to that plan.

2. An Alarm Clock That Will Actually Wake You Up

If I had a penny for every time I’ve slept through my alarm I’d have like, a pretty decent amount of money. Waking up is already such a horrendous task, then you realize you’re waking up to sit through class? I can, and will, always find some excuse to hit snooze. All of that changed when I was introduced to the app Freaky Alarm. Before you can hit snooze, it makes you solve math problems. It’s twisted and evil, but it will get you out of bed.

3. A Clean Desk Space

As badly as you want to study in bed (trust me, I know), you will give up. You will go to sleep. You will try to wake up earlier to study. You won’t. Buck up and sit in a desk. I know, life is hard.

4. A Support System

Don’t get me wrong, you need those friends who will drag you out to bars against your will. But you also need friends who will call you out when you get to slacking. A friend who will wake you up from your all-nighter power nap, or help you google the answers while you simultaneously take the quiz on your laptop. If those friends are one in the same, hold onto them tight and never let go.

5. A Good Pair Of Headphones

You cannot study while watching TV. I repeat: you cannot study while watching TV. Find a good noise-canceling pair of headphones and find what genre of music fuels your focus. Hone in, and tune everything else out. Namasté.

6. A Good Book That’s Not Required For School

It’s probably been an embarrassing amount of time since you’ve read a book for ~fun~. But the best way to get a goodnight’s sleep and feel refreshed in the morning is to unwind before you go to bed. You know what’s not helping you unwind? Refreshing Twitter and Instagram until you fall asleep. Pick up your favorite funny lady’s autobiography, or maybe the Harry Potter series (not judging), and let your brain breathe. If it helps, just look at your new reading hobby as a future Instagram opportunity.

7. A Lot Of Water Bottles

This semester, never leave your house without a water bottle. Go to Target and buy all the CamelBaks. Keep refilling that bad boy all day. Just drink as much water as physically possible. It just overall makes you a healthier and prettier person. Did you know water can give you energy and prevent cellulite?! Bye Red Bull.

8. A Solid Pair Of Athletic Shoes

No, you don’t have to workout, I would never advise such a thing. But it is a proven scientific fact (via me), that just wearing tennis shoes makes you a more productive person. Puts that extra pep in your step.

9. All Of The Gum

If you’re like me and are constantly battling your eyelids during class, pop in a piece of minty gum. Not only will it wake you up, but you’ll also avoid being that girl with terrible bad breathe who has no idea. It could be you. Dun dun dun.

10. A Good Mindset

This is so terribly corny, I know. But if you have a bad attitude, chances are you’re not going to get that all B’s roster you were shooting for. There are plenty inspirational quotes on Pinterest that can help you “shoot for the stars.” Now just don’t get carried away and let them dominate your social media. You know who you are.

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