10 Ways To Stir Up Drama In Your Sorority House

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I’m not one to break my sorority’s rules (well, okay, that’s not true) but I tend to get bored easily. Here are some tried and true ways to mix things up and keep your dear, sweet sisters on their toes.

1. If you live in the sorority house, go to the cereal pantry, take the Lucky Charms, and take out all the marshmallow pieces, leaving only the gross other ones (the pieces that weren’t lucky enough to be charms) for the other girls to find in the morning. It’s amazing what is considered a scandal in a sorority house.

2. Sort all your sorority sisters into Hogwarts houses and send it out over your Listserv. Some people will think it’s hilarious, some people won’t get it, and some people will get pissed. I got multiple hate texts from people who had been sorted into Slytherin (except in my opinion, that’s the best house because they have the most sass and are the most fun at parties). In response to my email, Molly “accidentally” hit reply all (including chapter advisors) saying, “What the eff is this?” except she didn’t say eff. Needless to say, this resulted in the Listserv being modified so that only exec could send emails over it. Worth it.

3. Create a Tumblr account for your sorority and don’t tell anyone you made it. Post whatever pictures you want. Anonymity is power.

4. If your chapter sends around a basket at meeting to collect papers on which you write good things that happened that week, put a bunch of random scandals in it. Examples include, “Megan made out with so and so at the FIJI party on Friday,” and “I found a pregnancy test in Kelly’s trashcan.” Trust me, it’ll be fun.

5. Steal your next boy’s boxers and put them on one of the bedroom door handles in the house.

6. Bring your boyfriend into as many rooms upstairs as possible and have him sign the top of the blades of the fan. #JoshWasHere

7. If you regularly see a therapist, get your dog registered as an emotional support animal and then get him prescribed to you. Then, explain that’s the reason you need to bring him to sorority events.

8. If you catch your sister on a date, doing something embarrassing, or really anything else, take a creeper photo of her and tape it to her door before she gets home.

9. Go through your sorority house and make everyone’s bed while they are gone during the day. Whenever they get home, they will be pleasantly surprised by a made bed and ask around to find out who did it…until they find the plethora of free condoms you got from the student health center hidden between their sheets.

10. Bring a vuvuzela to rush and cheer for the PNMs you’re pushing for with it, but don’t let anyone see it until you’re ready to blow or it will ruin the super loud surprise.


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