100-Year-Old Woman Says Her Secret Is Wine

You Can Live To 100 By Drinking Tons Of Wine, So Start Popping Bottles

There’s just about nothing I wouldn’t do to justify my bad behavior and questionable life decisions. I spend way too much money, but it’s all in the name of bettering myself. Do I curse too much? Sure, but at least I’m being honest and true to my feelings. Ok, so I spend half of my days in bed, but I’ve heard that all of the naps I’ve been taking on my silk pillowcases do really great things for my skin. Seriously, if I can find one good thing behind any bad decision, I’m going to take it and run with it. Luckily for me, I now have one of these amazing reasons for my above-average consumption of red wine: it’s going to help me live to at least 100.

Florence Bearse just turned 100 years young, which is no small feat, especially since I think I’m “literally dying” at least four times a day. Bearse was asked the secret to her long and healthy life to help out the rest of us, and her answer was pure gold.

“I like my wine. Don’t take it away from me.”

To prove her point, Bearse chugged a glass of red at her 100th birthday party, so it’s good to know that things may never actually change from age 21. I’ve officially found my spirit animal (human?), personal guide, and life mentor, so thank you for your honesty, Florence. From now on, if anyone mentions anything to me about it not being “healthy” to drink a bottle and a half of Cab every night, I’ll just laugh and call up Florence so she can tell them what’s up. Thanks to my new best friend, I can say with certainty that my red wine emoji has earned a permanent place in my “Most Recent” screen for at least the next 75 years – well, that is, until Apple developers finally do us all a solid and realize that wine color diversity matters too and give us a selection for rosé. Either way, I’m keeping my wine in my life for good, and who knows? By the time I reach 100, maybe Florence and I will still be having drinking contests together.

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