11 Exam Drinking Games That You Need In Your Life ASAP

Drinking Games

Ugh, exams. They’re literally the worst. If your school does midterms, you’re probably on the struggle bus right now. There are two situations that you could be in. You either:
a) Took your exams before spring break and didn’t study because you were too concerned about how many swimsuits to pack for your cruise (at least four), or
b) You have to take them post spring break and LOL at that.

So I’ve decided to mix our favorite thing (alcohol) with our least favorite thing (studying) to take the edge off of learning. These “study/drinking games” can be used for any exam that you’re not feeling thrilled about (all of them). So fill up your cup, and get ready to fill your brain with knowledge. I can’t promise you’ll ace any tests this way, but hey, you’ll have a hell of a time trying.

  • Educational Beer Pong
    Set up beer pong per usual, but tape flashcards to each one. Once you get the ball in, you have to answer the flash card question correctly, otherwise the cup gets refilled and you gotta do it alllll over.
  • Stop Your Stalking
    Every time you go on Facebook, take a shot.
  • No, Seriously.
    Make it a double if you went on there to stalk an ex. This time is dedicated to studying and getting shitty. No ex stalking allowed.
  • Knowledge Filled Power Hour
    Every sixty seconds, read a page in your text book. Once you finish the chapter, you get to drink the alcoholic beverage of your choice.
  • Knowledge Filled Power Hour: Boss-Ass Bitch Version
    If you really want to be a BAMF, you take a sip of alcohol after every “minute” page. Because, you know, zero fucks.
  • Ring Of Learning
    Play “Ring of Fire” (King’s Cup), but with flashcards. Every time you pull a card, answer the question correctly, or take a shot.
  • Flip Cup Cranium 
    Get your study group together and have a “reader.” The reader asks questions to the group. The first question is directed to the first two players. The player who gets it right flips her cup. BUT, if she doesn’t flip it successfully in three tries, she has to refill it and start over. The next question is then asked to the next player (or the previous player, if they didn’t answer correctly). The first team to have have every team member successfully answer a question and flip their cup, wins.
  • Tower of Trivia
    Drunk Jenga meets studying. Write your study questions on stickers and put them on the game blocks (this way you can reuse the blocks for future studying. Trust me, I know my shit). Set up the game normally. When you pull a block, answer the question. If you get it correct, you put it on top of the tower and your turn is over. If you get it wrong, however, you have to take a sip of your drink before replacing it. If you knock the tower over, you have to finish your drink and accept the fact that you’re a failure.
  • Question Roulette
    Write your study questions on flashcards (with the question facing up and answer facing down). Place all of them in a circle with an empty liquor bottle in the middle. Each player takes a turn spinning the bottle. Whatever question the bottle lands on, the player has to answer. If they answer correctly, their turn is over. If they answer incorrectly, however, they have to take a shot.
  • A Quarter For Your Answer
    Set up a standard “quarters” playing field. Each player takes turns trying to shoot a quarter into a glass. If they make it, they pick another player to face the repercussions. They get to go again. This continues until the player misses. When they miss, they have to face the repercussions themselves, and then their turn is over.
    The repercussions: The player is asked a study question. They they get the question correct, that is the end of the repercussions. If they get the question incorrect, they have to take a shot. 
  • Just Do It
    Take out your notes, pop open a bottle of wine, and get your shit together. If all else fails, at least you’re pretty.

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