11 Foolproof Ways To Ask Him To Fall Formal


Fall formal is a magical time of year. There are endless opportunities for seasonal photos, and he can mask the smell in his room with scented candles that smell of pumpkin pies and fir trees. So how do you appropriately ask that special someone to fall formal? I’ve given some ideas below, but don’t forget to add your special touch to the question that befits your relationship (or lack thereof).

  1. Write ‘formal?’ on a pumpkin spice latte and just fill it with glitter and condoms.
  2. Spell out ‘formal?’ with fallen foliage, and if he says no you can get all dramatic with a leaf blower.
  3. Do a cute fall themed photo shoot of you in wellies and a cableknit sweater bonging a beer with script font over the photo announcing that he is cordially invited to escort you on that magical night.
  4. Paint him a cooler and fill it with fallen leaves and pumpkin flavored natty ice.
  5. Carve the word ‘formal?’ into a pumpkin and if he declines let it rot on his fraternity steps as a metaphor.
  6. Make him a mug full of spiked apple cider and at the bottom it’ll read ‘formal?’ If he declines you can throw your mug of scalding hot cider at him.
  7. Knit him an intarsia sweater with the word ‘formal’ on it that can double as an outfit for an ugly sweater party.
  8. Spell out the word ‘formal’ with decorative gourds that you can use to hurl at him if he says no.
  9. Go to a pumpkin patch and have some tiny man dressed as a leprechaun jump out with a sign that asks ‘formal?’ (Don’t ask, just go with it.)
  10. Get him really wasted off pumpkin beer and spiced cider and then text him the next morning saying, “I’m so excited that we’re going to formal together!!”
  11. Create a romantic fall tablescape with the word ‘formal?’ spelled out in electric tea lights — so if he says no you can flip the table without burning the building down.

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