12 Signs You’re the Train Wreck Of The Group


College is the best time to go crazy and have a great time. You really get to break out of your shell and discover who you want to be and get all that wildness out of your system before you have to go out into the real world, get a real job and learn how to adult. With that being said, there are many types of friends in your squad. There’s the studious one, the mom, the goody-goody, the snob…and then there’s the train wreck. Not everybody can tolerate the her, but if you can, she can sure as hell be a good time.

1. You’ve gone to class in the same clothes as the night before.
If there were no pictures, it doesn’t count, right?

2. You regularly end up missing part of the main event because you pregame too hard.
You’ve never ever been to a football game, but you’ve also never missed a tailgate, so.

3. You’re always being tagged on social media with that one little word: “You.”
But you laughed, though, right?

4. You’re on a first name basis with the bouncers at all your favorite bars.
And they say you never did anything good for your sorority.

5. You go out more nights during the week than you stay in.
Why would you sit at home and rot when you can go out and rot?

6. You’re never asked to be the designated driver.
You could do it, but everyone’s complete lack of faith in you actually works out in your favor.

7. You’re always the star of someone’s Snapchat story.
That girl flashing her tits in the middle of the bar? You. So what?

8. If most of your squad is staying in but someone wants to go out, they call you in for reinforcement.
You’re just trying to be a good friend, and if being a good friend means blacking out on a Wednesday, then so be it.

9. You probably couldn’t confidently tell me where your wallet, keys, and student ID are right now.
But your phone? That’s your child.

10. You’ve gotten in trouble with university police on more than one occasion.
You’re practically dating that one hot officer. I mean, all of your dates have been with you in handcuffs, but some people are into that.

11. You have at least two pairs of shoes in your closet missing the match because you lost a shoe on your walk home.
You scoff at girls who cry about a lost earring. Except Kim. Those were $75,000.

12. You are often told by your friends that you’re a “bad influence.”
Hey, a bad influence means a good time.

Even though these things may be true, the friend group just wouldn’t be as fun without the trainwreck. Just saying.

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