13 Nauseatingly Adorable Stories Of How People Met Their Significant Others


Every couple has their own unique “how we met” story, and the funniest thing is that it’s two completely different stories based on who you ask. My dad likes to say my mom came onto him at a party in college while my mom insists he was the one chasing her. To this day, they can’t agree on who came on to whom, but one thing they can agree on is that they couldn’t take their eyes off each other all night.

Ever since hearing about their love story, the first thing I ask every couple is how they met. I can’t help it, I’m a softie for a good love story. Some “how we met” stories are true love at first sight storybook love stories and others are just as simple as two people meeting in a bar. An AskReddit thread asked people to tell their own “how we met” stories and some of them might actually bring a tear to your eye.

  1. “First day of grad school. She was new to campus, and I already knew people in the program. First class was a 2-1/2 hour lecture; during a break in the middle she walks right up to me and says “I’m [really pretty name], and I think you’re in my marketing project group.” I said nice to meet you, some of us are having a happy hour later, wanna come along? Five minutes later, I’m huddling with my friends telling them we need to organize a happy hour for after class. Took her to the happy hour, got her drunk, walked her to the el-train stop. And kissed her while we waited for her train. That was 1986. I was 23. And it seems like yesterday.” – onelittleworld
    Ah, the ol‘ fake happy hour trick. Good one.
  2. “6 years ago, my mom was a personal shopper at Macy’s and was helping a girl find the right jacket. After getting to know her some, my mom told her to look me up on Facebook. We’re getting married in August.” – foley23
    That must’ve been one really cute jacket.
  3. “I was in a foreign airport, running late, and just missed the damn train – like the sliding door slammed on my foot. Had to wait 10 minutes for the next one. Got chatting to a girl. Now married for 9 years.” -hippocratical
    What if he hadn’t missed his train?! It was fate!
  4. “We met at a Valentine’s Day party in college where we got drunk and did Disney princess puzzles.” -DoobaDoobaDooba
    BRB, planning a Valentine’s day party for next year.
  5. “She picked me up in a bar for a one night stand, I called her the next day and it’s now 12 years later…” – lunzen
    So that actually works? Huh.
  6. “Both of us worked in the Astronaut office at JSC in Houston. I would break her desktop computer remotely so she had to call me for tech support. Married 16+ years now.” – archibal
    A note on her desk would’ve worked just as fine.
  7. “Not where near as “meet-cute”-y as the others, but Tinder. As cringey as it sounds, his first message was about his penis, but I was in a good mood that day, so hey, it worked.” – Soakl
    Don’t get any ideas, boys.
  8. “We were cast as the romantic leads in our high school musical. Together for 8 years now, married for 3!” – oilymagnolia
    Troy and Gabriella? Is that you?
  9. “We met at a Charity Auction… I auctioned for a white gold ring at that time and used that ring to propose to her. Later on we went sh[o]pping for a diamond engagement ring, but she wears that ring until today (married for a year).” – milanista7
    Now that’s a good story.
  10. “Dating my ex at the time and her brother introduced me to her. She was pissed.” – battering-ram
  11. “Got a call from my best friend one day. He wanted to go to London England for a few days to visit his girlfriend (whom was also a childhood friend of mine) and asked me if I wanted to come. Got there and got into a huge fight with her roommate and then fell in love shortly thereafter. Flew back home to Canada and missed her so much that I planned a trip for us in Paris for a week where we had an absolutely amazing time. After Paris she moved to Canada and has been here ever since. This was 5 years ago. Been married for 3 years now.” – 2ezyo
    It was fate!
  12. “I met my wife my sophomore year in high school. She was dating one of my wrestling teammates. He needed to “be focused” and didn’t pay any attention to her even though she came to see him at every home meet. That’s OK, I wasn’t quite as worried about losing a match as he was. 10 years later, I’m not too worried that I didn’t win all my matches.” -Hawkinsmj6
    You won in the end.
  13. “Still waiting” -2percentright

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