13 Reasons Why The Sorority In “Neighbors 2” Is Better Than Sororities In Real Life

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A few months ago we told you about Neighbors 2, the sequel to the original Neighbors, which starred Zac Efron as a frat boy and made us fall even more in love with him. Neighbors 2 is finally coming to theaters and we could not be more stoked. Selena Gomez plays Madison a perfect sorority girl that follows all the rules. Shelby, played by Chloe Grace Moretz decides the perfect sorority girl life doesn’t work for her and decides to start her own, Kappa Nu. Shelby’s sorority does everything a normal sorority can’t – they throw huge parties and take having a good time very seriously. Kappa Nu moves in next door to Seth Rogen (Mac) right as his family is trying to sell their house and of course, an all-out war ensues.

Kappa Nu might not be your typical sorority, but here’s 13 reasons why Kappa Nu is better than sororities in real life.

  1. They can throw parties in their house.
    No more trekking across campus to the frat houses and drinking warm beer. Kappa Nu puts themselves in charge of the fun and they throw down like no other.
  2. Their parties are better.
    More girls, better drinks, and way more fun. Frat parties, step aside.
  3. They’re rivals with Zac Efron.
    Zac Efron (who reprises his role as Teddy) joins forces with Kappa Nu’s neighbors to try and dismantle the sorority, and in one scene he even tries to distract Kappa Nu by dancing like a Chippendales stripper. You can cut the sexual tension with a knife.
  4. They completely defy the stereotype.
    Shelby parties, smokes weed, and is the complete opposite of a stereotypical sorority girl — something that I think we all try to distance ourselves from. She’s basically our hero and the very definition of Cool Girl.
  5. They hate basics.
    Shelby tried Selena’s picture-perfect sorority and absolutely hated it. She’s not like other girls and she doesn’t want to be told what to wear or how to act. If you join Kappa Nu, you’re allowed to be yourself — whoever that is.
  6. They’re badass feminists.
    When Shelby heard that sorority girls don’t throw parties, she was really surprised. It’s not cool to leave the guys in control of the drinks, the environment, and the fun, so Shelby decides to put things in her own hands.
  7. They don’t have a recruitment video.
    They’re all filled with the same fake laughs, glitter blowing, and bouncing. So over it.
  8. They don’t have Standards.
    If you do a kegstand as a Kappa Nu, you get a pat on the back — not a Standards violation. Sign me up.
  9. They stick together.
    Kappa Nu redefines sisterhood when they come together to plot the takedown of their neighbors. No bond is stronger than the bond made when a group of girls scheme to take someone down, whether that be your neighbors or a guy who screwed you over.
  10. There’s no drama within the house.
    When the only pillar of Kappa Nu is to party, what’s there to fight about?
  11. They don’t care about rankings or winning Greek Week or any type of sorority competition.
    Madison’s sorority might have a better reputation on campus, but Shelby’s sorority is the center of attention every Friday and Saturday night. Who’s the real winner now?
  12. They don’t have to pretend to be perfect.
    Kappa Nu is unapologetically themselves, whether you like it or not. There’s no fake act, it’s just a group of chill girls who like to party.
  13. There’s no house mom, no Nationals, and no adult or institution telling them to act like ladies.
    Kappa Nu answers to no one, so they can basically do whatever they want. That’s basically the dream.

Can I get a bid, Kappa Nu?

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