13 Snapchat Filters We Actually Need


I don’t use Snapchat too terribly often. But ever since they introduced the face filters I can’t get enough. I’m not actually sending them to anyone, but I will sit in public staring at my phone making faces, and I ~don’t care.~

While I do enjoy looking like a tomato spitting out other little baby tomatoes (uh, cannibalism?), I think there’s room for much growth in their filter department.

  1. Skinny Filter.
    Sucks in your stomach and gives you abs all while eating McDonald’s.
  2. Roots Filter.
    Will cover up that so-called “ombré” that you’re using to disguise the fact that you haven’t gone to the salon.
  3. The Kylie Lip Kit Filter.
    For everyone who can’t get their grimy little hands on the coveted lip kit.
  4. Lip Filler Filter.
    To match the lip kit, duh.
  5. New Boyfriend Filter.
    You know, just to nonchalantly post on your story, and totally not for a certain somebody to see.
  6. Cheekbones Filter.
    Contouring is hard, okay?! :/
  7. Instant Nose Job Filter.
    The goal is not to look like yourself whatsoever.
    Why do we condemn the dog filter so much. Bring them all on.
  9. Fleeked Brows Filter.
    It’s hard keeping up with this thick, bold brow trend when you have the eyebrows of a blonde headed child.
  10. Friends Filter
    No, yeah, it’s a Friday night and I’m definitely not alone catching up on TV.
  11. Entire Face Of Makeup Filter.
    They’re called lashes, Snapchat. Add them to your makeup filters. Ugh.
  12. Tan Filter.
    I want to look like I just stepped off the beaches of a luxury island instead of my apartment’s pool.
  13. Bigger Boobs Filter.
    This is what we really need to use the genius tech brains at Snapchat for.

Now get to work, snap.

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