14 Signs You Spend Too Much Time At His Fraternity House

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  1. His roommate walking in on the two of you no longer becomes an issue. It’s just a fact of life.
  2. His brothers know your class schedule better than you do.
  3. They tend to include you in their life chats, which are generally about which of your friends they would most like to have sex with.
  4. Your favorite wine is always stocked in the fridge, and you no longer find it weird that they don’t own a single wine glass.
  5. His brothers don’t find it weird when they find you making drunk food in their kitchen. On a Tuesday.
  6. They’ve had at least one conversation about who you and your boyfriend would have a threesome with.
  7. His brothers rate your sex by what they hear…and slide the rating under the door.
  8. They do this in the middle of the act itself.
  9. They recognize the sound of your footsteps on the stairs and make sure to yell, “Goodbye!” after you stay the night.
  10. One of his brothers complains that he never hears you use your boyfriend’s full name during sex–only the first syllable.
  11. You actually take the time and effort to correct that.
  12. They accept that sometimes when you drink, you can’t make it up the stairs.
  13. They keep a pillow on the landing for such occasions.
  14. You’ve become closer to some of his brothers than you are to your biological brothers. You see the good in every member of his organization, and they’ve opened up and accepted you. They stick up for you, and they share food, alcohol, and space with you. They’re the greatest group of guys you’ve ever met, and it’s no wonder why you spend a lot of time around them. Just remember to go home every once in a while, okay?

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ShutUpAndRead is a mass communications major from a small school in South Carolina that you've probably never heard of. She enjoys reading, long walks on the beach, and judging the Twitterverse. When she's not busy watching videos of sloths or babies dancing to pop music, she can be found pretending to be a princess and working diligently on her MRS degree.

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