14 Underrated Older Actors You Forgot You Have Huge Crushes On


There’s the obvious crushes. The Efrons. The Ryans. The Biebers. But then there’s these guys. The underrated, forgotten gems. The older dudes that deserve our respect for being so utterly attractive.

Dennis Quaid

What you might know him from: The dad from The Parent Trap, the dad from Yours, Mine, And Ours
Date: He would pick you up in a beat up truck wearing a plaid shirt. You’d probably go to some cute local restaurant and talk about your feelings.

"Movies seem to be happening to me rather than me going out there and saying, 'Well, I'm going to play this.'" #dennisquaid

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Mark Ruffalo

What you might know him from: Matt from 13 Going On 30, FBI dude in Now You See Me
Date: He would cook you dinner at your house. Afterwards you’d go to a rooftop somewhere to chain-smoke, drink, and discuss ~literature.~

Eric Dane

What you might know him from: Mark Sloan in Grey’s Anatomy, douchebag rich guy in Burlesque
Date: You two would go to a nice, expensive sushi restaurant, dim lighting and everything. He’d feed you a piece of his sushi. He would be able to use chopsticks like a pro, not fumbling once.

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Ryan Phillipe

What you might know him from: hot guy in Cruel Intentions, hot guy in I Know What You Did Last Summer, hot guy that married Reese Witherspoon
Date: You would go to a fair near the beach. After playing dumb carnival rides, and gripping his arm on scary rides, the two of you would end your night walking down the boardwalk looking at the stars. Swoon.

didja hear the one about

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Norman Reedus

What you might know him from: Daryl in The Walking Dead, Murphy in The Boondock Saints
Date: He’d pick you up on his motorcycle. You’d go to a smokey dive bar, laughing and getting drunk on cheap whiskey shots.

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Aaron Eckhart

What you might know him from: Two-Face in The Dark Knight
Date: He’d take you to a play that some of his friends are producing. You’d go get expensive martinis at an uptown bar afterwards.

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Jason Bateman

What you might know him from: dude from Horrible Bosses, dude from Arrested Development
Date: You’d go see an offbeat comedy movie together. He buys the two of you popcorn and candy.

Liev Schreiber

What you might know him from: Ray Donovan in Ray Donovan
Date: Italian restaurant. A lot of red wine. A old of bread.

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John Slattery

What you might know him from: silver fox in Mad Men
Date: You two would go to an art museum. He’d have a lot of deep, insightful things to say about what he think it “really means.”

Jeffrey Dean Morgan

What you might know him from: heart patient from Grey’s Anatomy, rebound in P.S. I Love You
Date: You’d go to his house, which is impeccably styled. He’d have a fire in the fireplace. He’d order takeout, but make up for it by having flowers for you.

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Denzel Washington

What you might know him from: Everything.
Date: You go for a late night drive with the top down talking about life and all of your deep thoughts.

Josh Lucas

What you might know him from: The ex-husband in Sweet Home Alabama.
Date: He’d kiss you anytime you want.

Dermot Mulroney

What you might know him from: Heartthrob in My Best Friend’s Wedding
Date: He would take you dancing. But not like, grinding in a dark sweaty club, dancing. He would take you out for some old school face-to-face, Fred Astaire, gliding on air dancing.

John Corbett

What you might know him from: the man Carrie should’ve ended up with in Sex And The City.
Date: He would take you to a small, acoustic concert. You would immediately fall in love.


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