15 Reasons To Date A Frat Boy

15 Reasons To Date A Frat Boy

  1. He’ll understand that even if you go to a social with his rival fraternity, you won’t get sloppy drunk and hook up with some random guy. He knows you’ll just get drunk and dance on tables with your sisters.
  2. He knows you will always be late. You live a busy life and sometimes walking in those sky-high heels takes you a little longer than he expects.
  3. He understands that talking to a guy from another house doesn’t necessary mean you’re flirting with him. It could just mean you’re trying to help your big win Derby Darling.
  4. You’ll have access to all those rush bro-tanks and you’ll always have an outfit for a “Risky Business” or Frat Daddy themed party.
  5. Your parents will love him because one of his fraternity brothers is a former US president and he says “sir” and “ma’am” and dresses like a gentleman.
  6. You always have a formal date, and you’ll probably attend at least two formals a semester.
  7. His littles adore you. They might even offer to tutor you or do your homework.
  8. You’ll have access to his house–perfect for mission nights of stealing letters.
  9. Your VP of communication can always post pictures of you two and say his house loves yours.
  10. You can leave your clothes in his room and never have to do a walk of shame. Instead, you can leave in a clean sundress with him on your arm.
  11. He understands how important your sisterhood is to you.
  12. He understands that during rush week, he isn’t suppose to associate himself with you. But he does anyway.
  13. You get to channel your inner cheerleader for his intramural games.
  14. At serenades, he always surprises you with your favorite flowers.
  15. He will always walk your drunk sisters home.

The only down side of dating a Greek is that he’s unavoidable. If you break up, make sure you end on good terms. You’ll definitely run into him again.

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An affluent member of the Greek community, beloved by all; she also likes to think she is the sweetheart for every house. She is famously known as the "Strattiest girl on the West Coast"

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