15 Reasons Why Boybands Are The Best


As the years come and go, and my alcohol tolerance strengthens, I can always count on the illuminati Hollywood to produce a new string of boybands for me to obsess over. However, since I’m not the tween I once was, some people seem to think my obsession over these singing/dancing pretty boys is childish. Think again:

  1. To quote “Dazed And Confused,” ” I get older, they stay same age”. Should I think some of these Tiger Beat cover stars are attractive? No. Do I? Most definitely. They’re just sooOoOooo dreamy.
  2. Unlike most guys I’ve met, boybands love you for what’s on the inside. Listen to “Little Things” by One Direction and try not to tear up, I dare you.
  3. This ain’t no Andrea Bocelli bullshit. These guys can sing AND dance. It doesn’t get much better.
  4. For being so really really ridiculously good looking, they somehow manage to stay single.
  5. That being said, if by chance one of them gets a model-singer-actress girlfriend, there’s another member waiting for you to fall in love with them. Except you, Joey Fatone, sorry.
  6. On occasion, boybands perform with other boybands. Some call this a collaboration, I call it a dream come true. *Faints*
  7. They are there to teach many life lessons. For example, the importance of hair care. Let’s not forget JT circa 1998.
  8. No, I’m not single. I’m dating a Jonas brother, he just doesn’t know it yet.
  9. Did I say dating? I meant ***married to***.
  10. You can literally be an obsessive stalker, but you’re politely labelled a super-fan.
  11. There’s more to love than just the catchy tunes about . Want to smell like One Direction? There’s a perfume for that. No, seriously it exists.
  12. Boybands are here to stay. Our mothers had New Kids, we had Backstreet, and our daughters will have another group to infatuate.
  13. Their music just doesn’t get old. Be honest, you know you have a boyband Pandora station.
  14. Sometimes the best solo artists come from boybands. Where would we be today without SexyBack?
  15. Two words: Reunion. Tour.

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Rachel Page

Rachel enjoys spending her time thinking about Britney Spears, whining about being single, and thinking about Britney Spears. She doesn't take to criticism well, so be nice or so she will cry herself to sleep! Email:

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