17 Things You’ll Miss About Living In A College Town

17 Things You'll Miss

Staying out until 4 a.m., falling asleep in your pizza, and never having to be the only walk-of-shamer, college is the glory days, the golden years, the best four (or five or six) years of your life. There truly is nothing like it. And one of the best things about being in college is living in a college town. It’s like going to summer camp on steroids. There is always someone up, there are always things to do, and the food sucks but you eat it anyway. Here’s why there is truly no place better to live than in a college town.

  1. The drinks are ridiculously cheap.
    Dollar shots? Hell yes.
  2. You can get pizza at any time of the day.
    Because sometimes it’s 3 a.m. and the only logical thing to do is order a large pizza all for yourself.
  3. All of your friends live within a few blocks.
    Making it easier to wear heels to pregames without breaking an ankle.
  4. You get cheap healthcare.
    With that med school, there are sure to be a few cute students who need someone to practice on. Or a wife. Either way.
  5. You get to experience some of the weirdest things ever.
    Because who doesn’t love running in an Underwear Mile race or doing the Harlem Shake on the quad?
  6. Everyone is your age.
    Besides that creepy, old professor who checks you out every time you step outside your front door.
  7. Stores are budget-friendly.
    Three dollar bottles of wine? I’ll take twelve, please.
  8. You have “your” bar where the bartenders know exactly how you like your drinks.
    With a lime and a side of you, please.
  9. Employers come directly to you.
    Career fair? More like husband hunting.
  10. You’ll never look out of place in a costume.
    Oh my gosh, I love your tutu! Where did you get it?
  11. You’ll never be bored.
    Art exhibit? Sure! Bar crawl? Do you even have to ask?
  12. You’re never the only one on a walk of shame.
    Kindred, kinky spirits everywhere.
  13. There is a state-of-the-art gym at your disposal.
    You might need it after a few too many shots and drunken pizzas.
  14. As much as they may suck, you always have a team to cheer for.
    And drink for when they lose.
  15. People assume you’re smart.
    Intelligent by association.
  16. You can walk to your hookup’s place.
    Making it even easier to be easy.
  17. Did I mention pizza?
    There truly is nothing better.

Marvel at the puke stains on the sidewalk. Make a game out of dodging the hoards of incoming freshman with orientation bags that stick out like a geed at a tailgate. Take time to cherish your college town, because before you know it, it will be time to say goodbye, with nothing but your memories and your hangover to dull the pain.

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InVinoVeritas is a recent college graduate who spends most of her time drowning her sorrows of graduation in coffee and tequila shots. She enjoys monogramming anything that doesn't move and drinking copious amounts of wine. Compliments, love letters, and cute videos of animals dressed as humans can be sent to

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