18 GRE Words That Should Be Used In Daily Life

GRE Words

1. Abate: become less in amount or intensity
Just because Stephen gave you flowers and took you out to dinner does not abate the fact that he hooked up with four of your sisters over spring break, Jessica.

2. Ambivalence: mixed feelings or emotions
Nathan and I have been hooking up for a while, but I have no idea what we are. It’s complete ambivalence.

3. Chicanery: the use of tricks to deceive someone
I use Facetune and other chicanery to look bomb AF on Instagram.

4. Commensurate: corresponding in size or degree or extent
Standards’ punishment did not commensurate my “crime.” I missed one meeting and I had to somehow apologize to the chapter without sounding like a sarcastic asshole.

5. Disingenuous: not straightforward or candid
They are so clearly not laughing in that picture. It’s so disingenuous. I refuse to like it.

6. Disseminate: cause to become widely known
The fact that her brother is a TKE is the only thing that disseminated her during rush.

7. Engender: make children
Did you see how gorgeous Pi Kapp’s new president is? I would engender with him in a second.

8. Gouge: an impression in a surface, as made by a blow
Every time I see some bitch wearing a crop top with low rise jeans, I want to gouge my eyeballs out.

9. Gregarious: fond of company; sociable
Sophia is usually shy, but she gets suspiciously gregarious whenever my boyfriend is around. I don’t trust that bitch.

10. Guileless: free of deceit
Is there a single goddamn guileless guy on this campus that won’t turn out to be a total fuckboy?

11. Harangue: a lengthy and aggressive speech
Ugh, can’t wait to hear the harangue we get from President Bitchface after the whole “in-house pillow fight” incident.

12. Laconic: brief and to the point
Motion to make chapter more laconic. Seriously, ain’t nobody got time for your reports, Hannah.

13. Obsequious: attempting to win favor from influential people by flatter
Rachel is being so obsequious to everyone because she wants to be president, but I see right through her.

14. Onerous: involving an amount of effort and difficulty that is oppressively burdensome
Wearing heels all day during rush is fucking onerous.

15. Penury: a state of extreme poverty or destitution
I had to use coins when I was paying for Chipotle. I’m literally living in penury.

16. Perfidious: tending to betray
Ew, no, don’ t date Chad. He the most perfidious guy I’ve ever met. I heard he had three girlfriends at once.

17. Prodigal: recklessly wasteful
It’s so prodigal when guys do that thing where they smash the beers on their face.

18. Pungent: strong and sharp
Becca got home from her walk of shame and the smell of sex and alcohol was so pungent, it woke up her roommate.

Use these words at your own risk; you don’t want to sound grandiloquent.

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