18 Things Only Tomboys Will Understand

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  1. You delegate any and all crafting projects to a sister or friend who knows how to use a glue gun without leaving scars.
  2. Your closet probably consists of mostly one color or pattern. (Mine is plaid. Plaid is life.)
  3. You own at least one pair of ripped jeans and have a conversation with your boyfriend once a week about why you absolutely cannot get rid of them.
  4. You hate the majority of Lilly prints and you don’t get the obsession.
  5. You think pumpkin spice ANYTHING is disgusting.
  6. You trip in public whenever you wear heels, and therefore you avoid wearing them at all costs.
  7. You never order your Starbucks drinks right. (Okay, barista lady, you know exactly what I mean when I say “LARGE.” Stop being a jerk.)
  8. The only reason you own dresses are for special occasions, Easter, recruitment, or formal chapter meetings.
  9. Most abbreviations are lost on you. (Totes adorbs? No. If you’re going to say that, just say “so cute.” You’ll sound so much more intelligent.)
  10. You’ve purchased a dress the day of an event, because you hate shopping and you procrastinated until the last minute.
  11. Your boyfriend feels completely comfortable trying to Dutch oven you. Every. Single. Morning.
  12. While you may not be the best dressed, you’re always the most comfortable.
  13. Speaking of which, you’ve probably worn Norts to at least one party.
  14. As part of the theme, of course. It has nothing to do with your hatred of anything resembling real pants.
  15. You don’t understand the dynamics of female friendships. Why be friends with someone just so you can talk about her later?
  16. You’re not really good at dealing with other people’s emotions.
  17. This results in your roommate sitting across the room crying and you pretending not to hear her, or putting in headphones to block it out.
  18. But the biggest struggle of the tomboy is that sometimes, you feel less attractive than your girly, pretty friends. You wish you could pull of wearing dresses and skirts, walking around in heels, and flirting with boys without sounding like an idiot. But you know what? It’s okay that you can’t. It’s part of who YOU are, which is someone who is special and unique and beautiful in her own right. It’s something that you should be proud of. Be confident in your beautiful Norts-and-big-T-shirt-wearing, hair-always-pulled-back self.

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ShutUpAndRead is a mass communications major from a small school in South Carolina that you've probably never heard of. She enjoys reading, long walks on the beach, and judging the Twitterverse. When she's not busy watching videos of sloths or babies dancing to pop music, she can be found pretending to be a princess and working diligently on her MRS degree.

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