This Guy Has A 19-Inch Wiener

19 inch penis

An average penis is 5.1 inches when erect. Achieving something bigger than that can be nice, but having a schlong that is 3.7 times larger than average may make life a little difficult. Roberto Esquivel Cabrera knows this struggle. His dick is 19 inches. Nineteen fucking inches. Does he have special-made condoms or what?

Cabrera said his third leg is literally so huge that he can’t even keep a job. If you want to see the thing in action, click here, but be warned: it’s massive. Luckily, there is one industry that would love to have a 19-inch penis, the porn industry of course. Homeboy is unemployed at the moment, but is willing to become a porn star if the price is right. God bless any woman who comes in contact with his junk. That shit would hurt like a motherfucker.

He also says that his pecker “frightens” away women. Perhaps because he would slaughter any vag that he attempts to have sexual intercourse with. Just imagine ripping his pants off in a rush to get your freak on and then witnessing a 19-inch dong. Scary, right? It sends chills down my spine just thinking about it. If he does become a porn star, any chick that can even somewhat handle that monster and fight back the tears should receive an award. Best of luck to him and his future co-workers.

[via Your Tango]

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