19 Things You Need To Delete From Your Phone History ASAP

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Few things are as terrifying as that moment when your boyfriend uses your phone. It’s not like you have something to hide. It’s just, well, you have stuff that he really shouldn’t see. Is he going to see your search history? Will he realize how much you compulsively search your ex’s Twitter feed? What about the texts? Will he see how much you shit talk about him with your best friend when you’re wine drunk?


It’s stressful. So when Elite Daily released a video starring couples searching though each other’s phone, my heart went out to them. Even in the most open, truthful, and understanding relationship, there’s still things you’d like to keep to yourself. In this video, however, it all gets out in the open, and it. is. awkward.

Shockingly, however, it’s not that bad. Still, if you’re ever put in this situation, there are a few things you might want to wipe from your phone history. I’m not saying it’s the right thing to do, but I am saying that it’s the safe thing to do. Who knows what that asshole’s going to see when you’re in the shower and he’s hunched over your phone? Things like…

  1. Your ex’s name in your Facebook search bar.
  2. His ex’s name in your Facebook search bar.
  3. Literally every person you stalk on Instagram.
  4. “Home remedies for a yeast infection.”
  5. All of those “signs you’re pregnant” searches that you do once a month.
  6. And then all of the baby clothes you put in your Amazon shopping cart once you’ve convinced yourself that you’re pregnant.
  7. Engagement rings.
  8. Wedding venues.
  9. Wedding dresses.
  10. Basically anything with the words “wedding,” “propose,” or “commitment” in it.
  11. Any mention of his less-than-ideal penis size.
  12. And those “my boyfriend’s penis grosses me out” searches gotta go.
  13. Pictures with old boyfriends need to go and they need to go now.
  14. Your Pinterest boards.
  15. Those “safety” guys who you text when your boyfriend’s not texting you back.
  16. The evidence from the drunken Snapchat you sent to your ex (whoops).
  17. Anything Kardashian related.
  18. All of your “before” pictures.
  19. Porn (but let’s be real, he’d probably be into it. Actually, Google porn even if you don’t watch it. Next time he’s searching your phone like a creep, you’ll at least look a little more cool and a little less crazy).

As we all know, the key to a beautiful relationship is honesty, communication, and a clear, recently wiped, search history. Happy deleting!

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