19 Tweets That Prove Kanye West Is Actually A Sorority Girl


Kanye, where do I even begin? At first, I used to hate you, but then I realized we’re really not that different. With your undeserved sense of entitlement and delusional (drunk?) Twitter ranting, it occurred to me that you just get it. And by “it” I mean what it’s like to be a sassy sorority girl. Here are the tweets to prove it.

  1. Kanye West on textbooks with very sound logic.

  2. Kanye West on drunk group texting.

  3. Kanye West on how annoying parents can be about “what the kids are listening to these days.”

  4. Kanye West on why your boyfriend should buy you things.

  5. Kanye West on passive aggression.

  6. Kanye West with a drunken apology.

  7. Kanye West on award shows.

  8. Kanye West on the importance of self-awareness.

  9. Kanye West on his love for Taylor Swift.

  10. Kanye West on abbreviation semantics.

  11. Kanye West on voting for potential new members.

  12. Kanye West on why he was called to standards.

  13. Kanye West after a really successful and moving philanthropy event.

  14. Kanye West after his chapter wins Greek Week…

  15. …and when everyone else is talking shit.

  16. Kanye West on finding the perfect formal dress.

  17. Kanye West after curing a hangover with greasy Chinese takeout.

  18. Kanye West on having absolutely no filter.

  19. Kanye West on feelin’ yo’self.


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