19 Ways To Make Your Online Dating Profile Just As Boring As Everyone Else’s


There are so many dating apps these days, it’s almost impossible to be original. Here are a few great tips to make yourself stand out and really catch the guy of your dreams.

  1. Show a full body shot.
    He’s gotta know you’re do-able.
  2. Make sure to show your cleavage.
    Trust me, this will get you more visitors to your page.
  3. Be careful of the books you choose.
    Harry Potter and GoT only. He cannot know you read. Ew.
  4. Have at least one Andy Warhol quote.
    He’s the new voice of our generation, after all.
  5. Have at least one photo with the dog Snapchat filter.
    The flower crown filter is also acceptable.
  6. Reveal as little about yourself as possible.
    He doesn’t need to know you’re total garbage.
  7. Don’t include any pictures of you with your friends.
    Because your friends may be hotter than you, and you don’t need that noise.
  8. Include at least one picture with a celebrity.
    He may actually think you’re famous.
  9. Mention how you talk a lot.
    Guys think that’s really endearing.
  10. Emphasize how much you like cats.
    Boys love cats.
  11. Explain how you are a girl that loves to have fun.
    Instead of enjoying being miserable all of the time.
  12. Obsess on how much you love Disneyland.
    Boys love when you have the mindset of a child.
  13. Emphasize how you are not like the other girls.
    Because you like pizza and not wearing a bra. So edgy.
  14. Mention how much you love music.
    Because no one likes music, anymore.
  15. Post as many pictures as possible of you drinking.
    He has to know you can hold your liquor.
  16. Use as many emojis as possible.
    Guys relate most to little pictures of shrimp.
  17. Tell him you’re a vegan.
    Even if you’re not. Guys hate meat.
  18. Make sure you mention Dr. Who in your fave TV shows.
    Because that show doesn’t have an annoying fandom or anything.
  19. Most importantly. Don’t be yourself. At all.
    Be as far from yourself as possible. It’s the only way guys will like you.

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