20 Things To Laugh At While You’re Hiiiigh AF On 420

20 Things To Laugh At While You're Hiiiigh AF On 420

Whether you love to get high or love to feel holier-than-thou who smokes the weed, 420 is the day when stuff happened or weed became illegal or legislation did a thing and everyone sports red eyes and monster appetites. For some of us, today is just not quite Friday. But for others, today is filled with bongs and blunts and honey butter chicken biscuits. If you’re a member of the Hufflepuff puff pass house, here are a few things to get the giggles going before you inhale your entire kitchen.

1. The time when Dwight found a joint and everyone got drug tested.


2. The fact that we all “dated” this guy in college just so we didn’t have to buy our own drugs.

Who needs communication when he had a well-stocked snack cupboard?

3. When everyone in This Is The End is as serious as we are about candy.

If I don’t eat every hour on the hour, I might pass out.

4. Just like, all of The Breakfast Club.

Pass the Pixy Stix-Cap’n Crunch sandwich.

5. When Channing and Jonah do drugs and are literally all of us trying to function in society after smoking.

No, it’s not weed. But you’re high. Who cares? Shut up. He’s hot.

6. When Carrie was a boss ass bitch and stole the lame comic book store guy’s weed.

Take the weed Carrie, but don’t take Big back after he LEAVES YOU AT THE ALTER.

7. And then again, when she got arrested for smoking a doobie.

It would have been cool if she didn’t call it a doobie.

8. Remember the true reason to get high: to be closer to God.

Angles we have heard on high, amiright?

9. This video of all of us getting ~stoned~ postgrad.

“I thought it was a dildo.”

10. The entire opening to Knocked Up that looks exactly like any frat house.

All that’s missing is the random underwear hanging from the ceiling and the ever-present scent of beer and vomit.

11. When Meryl poked smot.

If Meryl does it, it’s offically fine. Inform the government.

12. Barry.

The true OG G.

13. The birth of the cross joint.

How all of our kids are going to get high in the future when we live on the moon.

14. And then when the guys just decided to make Pineapple Express 2.

Basically all of our failed YouTube channels.

15. Moe’s impressive marketing.

Give their PR person a prize. They won Twitter.

16. The moment when Mr. Big made marijuana illegal.

First you break Carrie’s heart, then this? A monster.

17. When Amanda Seyfried was the cool girl you longed to be.

Blonde hair? Smokes weed? Is funny? Someone kill her.

18. These cops who aren’t like other cops.

They’re cool cops.

19. And these other cops who want you to get glazed, not blazed.

Can you have both? kthxbye.

20. And finally, the message behind the holiday.

The reason for the seaon.

Pass the mac ‘n’ cheese, cupcakes, and hours of dry mouth.

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