Here’s The Most Cringe-Worthy Wedding Gown Trend Of 2016

wedding gown trend 2016

Once every four years, I decide to take a trip down memory lane. I pick my senior portrait up from its place on the piano and admire the beautiful woman that I’ve become (thanks, Photoshop). Stored behind my heavily edited photo is a chronological photo map of my life. Every school picture is stacked neatly behind the newer one, providing a nice progression of my journey into adulthood. The high school years aren’t too bad, mainly because I discovered hair dye. But as I flip farther back, it always hits me. There is my 6th-grade self, smiling with neon pink and green braces, forever immortalizing my undying commitment to being trendy.

Now, imagine taking the embarrassment of that relatively insignificant moment and applying it to one of the biggest and most documented days of your life. Luckily, you are easily able to recreate such a dreaded fashion choice with a tie-dye wedding dress. Unfortunately for us, the colorful trend has become more and more popular. Pair that with a flower crown and you have a recipe for embarrassment and regret for years to come.

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I’m sorry, but why? Maybe it would make a cute prom dress or a DIY sorority tank, but a wedding dress? The process, according to one artist, isn’t exactly easy either. After attempting and failing to use fabric paint, she decided to use airbrush instead. Now, I’m not exactly in the business of getting married, but I do happen to know from my hours of Pinterest research that wedding gowns do not come cheap. And this girl used fabric paint on hers. I was scared to use fabric paint on a five-dollar t-shirt.

Other methods include dip-dying the dress — because tie-dye is just so mainstream. And if you are looking to DIY your own custom wedding dress that costs thousands of dollars, don’t worry. Just follow these simple and totally credible instructions. My favorite color combination? Pink and green. At least they’ll match the bands on my 6th-grade braces.

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