24 Ways To Celebrate The First Day Of Fall For The Totally Autumn Obsessed

sorority girls holding pumpkins

Today officially marks the first day of fall, so celebrations are certainly in order. While you could just light an autumn candle and call it a day, true fall enthusiasts know that just won’t cut it. Here are 24 tried and true ideas to help you kick off the fall season like the seasoned veteran you are.

  1. Cover every square inch of your body in pumpkin spice highlighter.
  2. Wear a blanket scarf, chambray shirt, leggings, and Uggs. Even if it’s still 95 degrees where you are.
  3. Fill up a growler with pumpkin spice latte beer and carry it with you everywhere.
  4. Host a bonfire where you burn all of your shorts and tank tops in commitment to the season.
  5. Consume at least one pumpkin spiced latte every hour on the hour.
  6. Fill the back of your boyfriend’s truck with hay and make him drive you around for at least one hour in your own personal hayride.
  7. Throw away any decoration you own that isn’t orange or black.
  8. Dye all of your boyfriend’s shirts burnt orange so he’ll match you in all of your fall photos together.
  9. Collect gallons of leaves and cover your apartment floor with them so that you can jump into the piles and host an impromptu photo shoot. It’s okay if you have to collect green ones from the trees — they’ll turn brown eventually!
  10. Blindfold your boyfriend and tell him you’re taking him to a football game, but take him to the pumpkin patch instead. Handcuff him to you so he can’t run away.
  11. Paint the walls of your apartment burgundy, burnt orange, and camel so you’ll always have the perfect backdrop for a fall Instagram moment.
  12. Refuse to eat any food that wouldn’t be found at a Thanksgiving dinner. Carry around a can of pumpkin puree and a spoon for emergency snacking.
  13. Tell your boyfriend you want to go to a really scary haunted house and take him to Tiffany’s.
  14. Arrive at any social engagements in full Halloween attire to set the mood.
  15. Buy every pumpkin you can find at your local grocery and begin practicing your carving skills so you’ll have the best pumpkin by Halloween. If you can’t find a pumpkin yet, carve watermelons instead.
  16. Start planning your Halloween costume for next year.
  17. Visit the Yankee Candle store and burst into tears of joy over the plethora of Ginger Pumpkin and Salted Caramel apples. Ask if you can live there until November.
  18. Respond to any and all texts using only a string of pumpkin emoji.
  19. Host a baking party where the only consumable items include pumpkin as the main ingredient. Items must be found on Pinterest. Take thousands of photos of your pumpkin cookies and share them on your blog.
  20. When spoken to, only respond using lines from Hocus Pocus.
  21. Rearrange all of the furniture in your apartment until you’ve created a makeshift corn maze. Receive bonus points if you planned ahead and started growing your own corn three months ago in preparation.
  22. Get a cable-knit-sweater pattern tattooed on your torso so that you’ll never have to go even one moment without constant fall attire.
  23. Get your name officially changed to Autumn, but tell your friends and family that you’ll also respond to the nicknames Candy Corn and Pumpkin.
  24. Spend the entire day in tears because fall only lasts for 89 more days and life as you know it will be over.

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