21 Alternative Nicknames For Your Gay BFF

Statistically speaking, you probably have a friend who just so happens to be gay. Congratulations! You’re not an asshole an accepting person who is isn’t stuck in another century.

All the bests have one. Carrie had Stanford. Janis had Damian. Grace had Will!!! Personally, I’m pretty sure I have more gay male friends than I do straight female friends. The unfiltered insight into the male mind is something every girl needs. I’ve noticed a lot of girls referring to their gay friends as “gay bffs” or “GBFs” so I took it upon myself to comprise of some more creative terms for you to refer to your gay friend as.

  1. Buddy.
  2. Comrade.
  3. Fam.
  4. Brother From Another Mother.
  5. Main Squeeze.
  6. Bromantic Partner.
  7. Acquaintance.
  8. Pal.
  9. Amigo.
  10. Companion.
  11. Mate.
  12. Sidekick.
  13. Bestie.
  14. Homeboy.
  15. Bud.
  16. P.I.C. aka “Partner In Crime.”
  17. Compadre.
  18. Homey.
  19. Best Friend.
  20. Best Friend Forever.
  21. Friend.

Oddly enough I’ve found that my gay friends don’t want to be treated like accessories! Weird. So instead of calling them my “gay best friend” or my “best gay,” I’ve found that “friend” usually does the job.

You know, unless you’re categorizing all of your friends by sexuality, then carry on my straight pal.

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