21 Pieces Of Advice From ‘Sex And The City’ That Are Still True Today


Eighteen years ago today, “Sex and the City” premiered on HBO and single women everywhere rejoiced. SATC made being single look sexy, and made living in New York City look glamorous (both of which, we found out later, were not true). The show was iconic for its fashion and its racy subject matter, which only made watching it as a kid that much more exciting. All four women were so different but relatable in their own way. Carrie Bradshaw taught us that any bad breakup can be made better by buying a pair of ridiculously expensive shoes and Samantha made living that slutty life look cool. Charlotte taught us that it’s okay to be less than perfect and Miranda showed us that it’s possible to be a kickass lawyer, mom, and friend all at the same time. Overall, the women of SATC taught us that your best friends are your soul mates and men are just guys to have fun with.

Here are 21 important pieces of advice from the original #squad.

  1. Don’t confront your exes’ friends in public, even if he broke up with you on a Post-It.
  2. Sometimes you have to be the (bitchy) voice of reason when your friends continuously go back to their scumbag exes.
  3. The love of your life might be hairy everywhere but his head, but when he’s really the one, you’ll know.
  4. You can’t order a Cosmopolitan at a drive thru, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.
  5. Don’t stop believing in fairytale love, even when you’ve been burned by guys in the past.
  6. Pay no attention to girls who talk shit about you — they’re not worth shit.
  7. Never apologize for being a bitch, especially when your not-boyfriend takes you to a stupid party that only serves clear alcohol.
  8. Don’t be afraid to try new things… once.
  9. AIDS is not a proper conversation to have when looking at wedding dresses with your besties.
  10. Girls with good personalities can be sexy, too.
  11. Judging is a hobby because Stanford made it so.
  12. Sometimes even the most prim and proper ladies need to be fucked. Really fucked.
  13. You don’t have to give up who you are just because you’re getting older.
  14. Gossiping is totally an adequate form of exercise.
  15. We all make mistakes.
  16. Everyone deserves to find someone who will factor you into his life.
  17. Never settle for less (penis) than you deserve.
  18. Men and women serve two very different purposes.
  19. Sometimes you have to ask the hard questions you maybe don’t want to know the answers to.
  20. Just because a guy tells you you’re the one doesn’t mean he won’t get cold feet on the day of your wedding.
  21. This.

Love those biches.

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