21 Reasons I’m Pretty Sure _____ Is Going To Be Revealed As “A” Tonight On PLL


Tonight’s the night. We’ve finally arrived at the moment we’ve been waiting for since “Pretty Little Liars” debuted five years ago. We are finally going to find out who A is. Now, there are lots of theories out there. Is it Wren? Is it Melissa? What about Andrew? But one name that isn’t floated around too often on the list of possible A suspects is, in my mind, the most obvious – Hanna. Now, before you doubt that the dimwitted blonde could pull this off, stick with me here for a second. If you remember, Hanna used to be overweight and was tortured endlessly by Ali for it, so she definitely has a motive, right? Plus, she and that straight-up crazy bitch Mona used to be tight, so no telling what kind of psychopathic tendencies she’s picked up.

If you pay attention, maybe there’s been clues all along that A is Hanna.

  1. That dimwit thing is obviously an act, given the colleges accepted to. Plus, she certainly seems to know everything that’s going on with her friends.
  2. She willingly admits that she’s got no life, which would have to be true of whoever’s got the time to pull off all of these A crazy stunts.
  3. She always has her phone on her, so she could definitely be sending those creepy texts.
  4. She knows how to read people, a skill A definitely has.
  5. She won’t give blood – obviously so no one can get her DNA. Duh.
  6. She’s super good at pretending.
  7. She knows all about science.
  8. And magic.
  9. She willingly admits that people change. Nice, fat Hanna to skinny, evil Hanna?
  10. She’s the most easily annoyed person ever. Obviously A is too, since anything sets that psycho off.
  11. Seriously, Ali was really mean to her. Revenge-worthy mean.
  12. She loves the Biebs. Only truly evil people love the Biebs.
  13. Her comeback game is strong. Necessary for all of those A messages.
  14. She’s got no problem lying.
  15. She always wants to stop talking about A. Who but A would always want to stop talking about A?
  16. No, really. She never wants to talk about A.
  17. She’s methodical.
  18. She’s got a violent side.
  19. Only people that engage in behavior justify similar behavior…
  20. She’s basically admitted to having a double life.
  21. …and to not knowing what she’s capable of.

Don’t believe me? Well, you can just…

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