21 Things You Should Say Yes To This Semester


Contrary to Jim Carrey’s take on life in the movie “Yes Man,” we live in a world full of no’s. We turn down dessert to avoid the extra 100 fucking calories, we walk past the annoying people in the mall handing out coupons for “a free boxing lesson” or “$10 off a massage” because we feel like we don’t have the money or the time. The real problem with society today is we are raised with the fear of being vulnerable. We are scared to trade what we are familiar with (whether it’s Saturday night’s fraternity party or the same salad you eat every Tuesday night at Chili’s for dinner) for what is unknown. By saying yes more often, we will not only step out of our comfort zones to try new things, but we also enter the possibility of finding new things we love.

That being said, here are 20 things you should say yes to that will put you on your way to becoming a dignified “Yes Girl.”

  1. A free fitness class.
    There are TONS of coupons out there for free trial classes for yoga, zumba, boxing, etc. It’s a great opportunity to release some positive endorphins and break a sweat without spending any money.
  2. A Friday night in.
    Sometimes we get so caught up in the party scene that we forget to take time for ourselves. Sit down with your favorite bottle of wine, a slice of chocolate cake, and a good book and take some time to yourself. I promise, the party isn’t going anywhere.
  3. An opportunity to study abroad.
    When else in your life can you wake up one day and say “fuck it, I’m moving to Europe for 5 months!”
  4. A kiss with a stranger.
    Step outside your comfort zone. Be vulnerable to experiencing that ‘butterflies in your stomach’ feeling that you got in  fifth grade again.
  5. “Would you like to substitute fries for a side salad or seasonal veggies?”
    Say yes. You will feel better at the end of your meal, I promise.
  6. A happy hour study break.
    Cheap food, cheap drinks, and gossip. Take a break from studying and spend an hour with your crew — as long as you keep the glass count to a strict minimum you will go back to the books feeling refreshed.
  7. A “girls only” night.
    Because sometimes boys just suck.
  8. A splurge on lingerie.
    Don’t do it for him, do it for yourself. Sometimes the best confidence booster is knowing you look sexy as fuck under your baggy t-shirt and Nike shorts.
  9. A random act of kindness.
    It does’t take much to make someone’s day. Put $5 towards the person behind you’s meal in the drive through, give a homeless person that water bottle you’re carrying around, send a nice text to a girl in your sorority who you don’t know well but heard is going through a rough time.
  10. An educational adventure.
    Take a day trip to a museum, the zoo, or the opera. Usually admission doesn’t cost much and you’re sure to get a laugh while maybe even learning something new.
  11. Dessert.
    Treat yo’ self.
  12. An exotic new food.
    Escargot, Hamachi Kama, or if you’re really adventurous, frog legs. You never know what you will like until you try it so expand your palate.
  13. Taking sexy pics.
    Not to be confused with SENDING sexy pics. Having photos of yourself looking hot can be a huge self confidence booster. We should ALL love our bodies. Just make sure you keep them in a safe, private place if they are really risqué.
  14. An opportunity to preform community service.
    Science has proven helping others makes us feel better about ourselves.
  15. A massage.
    Long week at work? Fail a test? Splurge on a massage; it will release stress and tension so you are calm and ready to kick ass the next week.
  16. A glass of water.
    The last thing we want when we are drunk is a glass of water. If a friend or the bartender asks, this time say YES. You won’t regret it in the morning.
  17. “Do you want to dance on the bar..?”
    C’mon, you’re only young once. As long as it’s not in a situation that will get you kicked out (or even if it is) get up on that elevated surface and show the world whatchu got.
  18. A free shot.
    It’s free, you’re thirsty, why not say yes?
  19. A fancy date.
    Sometimes we get so caught up in “Netflix and chill” mode that we forget to take our man out. A nice date is the perfect chance to not only show him off but get to know him in ways that you couldn’t just sitting on the couch eating Chinese delivery.
  20. A haircut.
    Yes, I know this is terrifying. But yes, sometimes it’s necessary. Everyone wants long luscious hair but hair can become brittle and damaged after years of blowdrying and curling for every fraternity event after the sun. Although taking off an inch or two can seem like the end of the world at the moment, your hair will grow back faster.
  21. Anal

Lol, JK.

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