23 Signs You Attend A Christian University

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  1. “Ring by Spring” is real.
  2. The word “inapropro” gets tossed around all the time.
  3. “I’ll pray about it.”
  4. Land of the white girls.
  5. Youth and family ministry majors.
  6. “Saved” hits a little too close to home.
  7. You have a “Princess Bride” devotional at least one week out of the year.
  8. You attend chapel every day of the week.
  9. You also take a Bible class at least three times a week.
  10. You’re constantly reminded that dating is ONLY for those with the intent of marriage.
  11. What Would Jesus Do?
  12. Your dorm has at least one Bible verse hanging up.
  13. Everyone has a purity ring.
  14. Everyone has a different candle lighting song.
  15. You may get invited to, like, three lingerie showers in the same day.
  16. There’s a church within a half-mile radius of your school.
  17. There is a prayer room in your student rec center.
  18. The girls you go to school with now are just about as fake as the girls you went to high school with.
  19. Leave room for Jesus.
  20. It took a while to adjust to college.
  21. Don’t have sex, because you will get pregnant and die.
  22. You’re constantly reminded that our God is an awesome God!
  23. Going out is near impossible, but you always find your way.

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