23 Strange Types Of Sex People Are Having


Let me tell ya ’bout the birds and the bees. Sometimes, the birds and the bees get real weird. Sometimes, you think all of the birds are just hanging out with one other bird, at night, with the lights off, but it turns out the birds are actually hanging out with lots of other birds, and bees, all the time, and in the back of cars and in groups. Yeah. Sex is weird. Apparently not everyone gets down and dirty by showering at 9 p.m., having ten minutes of missionary intercourse, and then putting in their retainers and calling it a night. Who knew? So here are some fun, strange, and mind-blowing sex acts, fetishes, and preferences to get your mind turning and your blood pumping.

  1. Bondage and Discipline
    The use of physical and mental restraints in or out of the bedroom (or kitchen or living room or wherever you get nasty).
    Think whips, chains, and not moving an inch.
  2. Dominant and Submissive
    The Sub does whatever the Dom says. It’s basically a game of “Simon Says.” A very dirty, sexual, real-life game. (Note: despite the craziness of this, love is at the core)
    You miiiiight have to call him “Daddy.” I’m sorry.
  3. Sadism and Masochism
    The giving or receiving of pleasure from acts involving pain or humiliation.
    Basically anyone on Standards board. JK. Sort of. 
  4. Master and Slave
    Pretty similar to Dom and Sub. The Slave serves the Master. Unlike Dom/Sub, however, love isn’t at the core of this relationship. Service and obedience is.
    They sometimes wear collars, leashes, and are registered in a slave register. So you could do this, or just like, get a dog?
  5. Swinging
    Singles and parters in a committed relationship have sex with other people just for funsies.
    It’s not cheating if he knows about it and is watching and is having sex with the guy’s girlfriend. Or something like that. 
  6. Group Sex
    I think you can figure this one out yourself.
    The more, the merrier. 
  7. Role play
    Two or more people who act out roles in a sexual fantasy.
    Nurses and school girls and milk maids, oh my!
  8. Voyeurism
    The sexual interest in or practice of spying on people engaged in “intimate behaviors.”
    Like the classic “Peeping Tom.” Or what we all lowkey do when we stalk each other’s social media all. the. freaking. time.
  9. Exhibitionism
    The other side of voyeurism. These people like to be seen.
    Ahem. TOFTB anyone?
  10. Public Sex
    Getting it on in places you’re not really supposed to get it on at.
    Visions of the back of your high school boyfriend’s car dancing in your head? 
  11. Road head
    A mix of a lot of other things, road head (giving a blow job while a guy is driving) is, in fact, a niche.
    Because on a long, hot, tedious journey, most of us are thinking: “You know what I want to do? Suck some D.” 
  12. #Buttstuff
    I think we’ve made this one pretty clear. Biting, licking, and putting things in.
    The reason we’re just a little bit afraid of doggy.
  13. #Footstuff
    Basically everything that went along with buttstuff. But instead of an asshole, it’s just a gross ol’ foot.
    Some guy massaging, kissing, and worshipping my feet? Doesn’t sound too shabby. More of this, please. 
  14. Girls Getting Stuck In Quick Sand
    I don’t know why this is a thing, but apparently guys like to jerk it to (fake) videos of girls getting stuck in quick sand. I kid you not.
    Yeah. Sounds sexy AF. 
  15. Objectophilia
    When someone has strong sexual and/or emotional feelings towards an inanimate object.
    All you ever need to see on the topic: 

  16. Furries
    People who dress up and live some of, or most of, their lives in animal costumes.
    Basically what we all wanted to be when we grew up. 
  17. Yiffing
    Furries having sex.
    “You and me baby ain’t nothin’ but mammals…”
  18. Watersports 
    Erotic play involving saliva, urine, and sometimes blood.
    You won’t need your water skis for this sport. 
  19. Urolagnia
    The act of being aroused by urine.
    If wearing a romper and not wanting to take it off to pee but dreaming about that moment counts, then, same. 
  20. Rubberists and Latex
    The sexual arousal from using, wearing, smelling, or seeing rubber, latex, or synthetic plastic.
    Because nothing says “let’s get it on” like skintight, chafing, impossible to get off, hot as hell leather pants.
  21. Hair
    Yeah. Some people have fetishes with pulling, smelling, and braiding hair.
    Can someone have a “play with hair” fetish and marry me ASAP please? 
  22. Ursusagalmatophilia
    Sexual pleasure from teddy bears. Yes. Teddy bears.
    Is THAT what we were supposed to do with our stuffed animals? Well, shit. 
  23. Infantilism
    Adults (usually men, not kidding) who get off by acting like infants. This could include feeding, bathing, dressing, and/or changing.
    This explains a lot. 

Welp. Anyone else sorta feel like a virgin now?

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