24 Reasons Oversized T-Shirts Are The Best Thing To Happen To College Apparel


  1. You can share a wardrobe with your current boy toy.
  2. Or any of your friends. It’s one size fits all.
  3. Walk of shame, or walk to class? No one will know the difference.
  4. Your legs will never look smaller.
  5. They’re versatile for many occasions.
  6. Working out? I could be.
  7. Running errands? For sure.
  8. Going to class? You betcha.
  9. Everyone is super shocked when they see the bikini bod you’ve been hiding under there.
  10. With all that extra room, you can fit your arms and legs in there when you get cold.
  11. If someone hits on you, you know it’s not for your body.
  12. Take off your pants, and you’re already in pjs.
  13. Sports. Bras.
  14. Buh-bye, child birthing hips.
  15. See ya never, arm flab.
  16. Too comfy to care.
  17. It takes five minutes to get ready in the morning.
  18. The oversized t-shirt uniform eliminates outfit jealousy.
  19. Even on a low budget, you can afford it.
  20. Did I gain a few pounds? You’ll never know.
  21. It’s not tight or restricting around your neck.
  22. When you get dressed up in real clothes you feel like you’ve transformed from a caterpillar to a butterfly.
  23. If you want to know what I look like first thing in the morning, you’re looking at it.
  24. It just makes sense.

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Rachel Page

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