24 Things Every Girl Must Understand If She’s Dating A Frat Guy

Total Frat Movie

Greek boys. There’s just something about them. Maybe it’s the Hawaiian shirts or the “zero fucks” attitude. It could be the boat shoes and bow ties, or the fact that they understand the concept of “lifelong commitment” (well, still crossing my non-engaged fingers on that one). Whatever it is, we love Greek boys. So much, in fact that most of us hook up with, date, and eventually, marry these guys.

In “Total Frat Movie” (that’s right, we’re making a fucking movie), our main girl, Katie knows what’s up when it comes to Greek relationships. She meets Charlie freshmen year and has an instant connection. Unfortunately, because of the most kick ass party ever, Charlie and his entire fraternity, Alpha Chi Gamma, get kicked off campus, and they spend their entire senior year trying to get reinstated. That’s where the love interest is sparked again. Katie, a Sigma and veteran Greek by now, steps in to help Charlie and the Alpha house get their Greek legs back. But Katie, like every girl dating a Greek knows, there are some things, good and bad, you just have to accept when the guy of your dreams wears letters.

  1. He’s going to have “buddies” for Greek events.
    They’re usually really hot girls and it sucks. Worst part? There’s literally nothing you can do about it.
  2. Not to mention bigs and littles in other sororities.
    And unfortunately, your guy hooking up with them isn’t illegal. Trust me, I’ve asked.
  3. You need to learn to like beer.
    Because chances are, it’s going to become a staple in your diet.
  4. And you need to build up a tolerance for hunch punch, jungle juice, and other unidentified substances.
    Or risk being “that girl” at every. single. party.
  5. His brothers actually do mean a lot to him.
    So don’t downplay the bond they have. Let him have his bromances.
  6. And never mock his fraternity.
    If you make him choose between you and them, he’ll pick them.
  7. He’s going to be out late doing God knows what.
    Don’t ask questions. Seriously.
  8. And he’s going to forget to call, text, or check in sometimes.
    Just try not to be a total bitch about it. Trust me on this one.
  9. He can be REALLY annoying.
    Like, “so drunk he passed out on the floor of the bar bathroom” annoying.
  10. But also really freaking sweet.
    Flowers during chapter just because? I mean, if you insist. 
  11. He’ll take you to the coolest places.
    Formals at beaches, and mountains, and NOLA – oh my!
  12. And he’ll show off the cooler you worked weeks (okay, months) on.
    And considering the fact that your name and letters are all over it, you’re basically marking your territory.
  13. You’ll never have to worry about finding a formal date.
    And he’s obligated to match your outfit. 
  14. Plus he’ll manage to find dates for all of your dateless friends.
    Which is actually the best thing ever.
  15. You’ll never have to walk home from a bar again.
    God bless pledge season.
  16. His frat house will become a home away from home.
    That actually allows you to drink alcohol inside. 
  17. And his brothers will become some of your best friends.
    Not to mention your own bigs and littles.
  18. Wherever he lives will be disgusting.
    Breathe in through your nose, out through your mouth, and always have hand sanitizer.
  19. You’ll become skilled at peeing in unsanitary conditions.
    Which is a truly valuable life lesson.
  20. You’ll always have something to do.
    And you’ll literally never have to throw down cash for alcohol.
  21. But he’ll actually appreciate going to your place and chilling sometimes.
    Clean sheets, stocked fridge, quiet apartment? It’s like a resort to him. 
  22. He understands that you’ll have to do things with other fraternities.
    And not give you too much shit for hanging out with your Greek Week buddies. 
  23. He knows the importance of being a gentleman and a partier.
    And can usually figure out when to be each.
  24. And despite having to act tough, he’s a a good guy deep down.
    He might party hard and rage with the guys, but at the end of the day, he knows what’s important. Having a good set of friends, giving back to the community, and having a strong, confident woman by his side. 

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