25 Signs Your Senioritis Is In Full Force

25 Signs Your Senioritis Is In Full Force

1. You’ve given up trying to pretend that you’re paying attention. You now blatantly text in the front row of your lecture.

2. You’re trying so hard to avoid studying that you’ve decided to start an entirely new series on Netflix, from the beginning.

3. All of a sudden, you really do care about calling your mom to catch up…every day.

4. There is nothing more important than lounging outside.

5. You’ve had more manicures in the past two weeks than you’ve had in the past four years.

6. You’re actually considering celebrating 4/20, only so you can rationalize blowing off being a contributing member of society for an entire day.

7. You can’t remember the last time you wore bottoms that weren’t Norts or leggings. You especially can’t remember the last time you gave a fuck about that.

8. You thought about going to the library a few days ago, but then you realized that napping was far more important than learning Western Civ.

9. You put more energy into convincing your calculus professor to pass you with a C (because this is THE LAST CLASS YOU NEED TO GRADUATE) than you put into even attempting to study. You don’t even blink when you forget to put batteries in your calculator for the final.

10. You parked in a faculty spot on campus the other day and didn’t even bother to read the ticket that was left on your windshield. Everyone knows the school doesn’t keep track of those.

11. You’ve given up trying to stealthily leave lecture early. You need to go, and you don’t even care that you’re leaving while your professor is mid-sentence.

12. There’s no use trying to hide your disdain for the bitch in your discussion group. You don’t even care that she probably heard you mumble “because you’re fat” in response to her incessant whining about her boy troubles.

13. Chapter happens, but if it’s optional, you’ll be drinking somewhere instead.

14. You’ve already calculated your grades, and decided that unless you get a 0 on the final, you’re totally satisfied with your graduating GPA.

15. When you have to choose between happy hour and an extra credit session, you’re making your decision from the bar.

16. You put more effort into your senior bar crawl than you have on your term paper.

17. You realize it would have looked great on your resume to rack up a few more volunteer hours, but it looked even better on your collection of college memories to have spent spring break in Cabo.

18. You’re more concerned with where you’ll be taking pics with your sisters on graduation day than you are with sending out the invitations to your family members.

19. Decorating your graduation cap is an activity that gets more attention than the 15 credit hours you’ve been blowing off since January.

20. You’ve just been informed your Monday-Wednesday class actually was a Monday-Wednesday-Friday class. You still have a B, so who cares?

21. You’ve heard there are new girls, but you’ve met two: your great grand little, and your best friend’s great grand little.

22. You don’t even pretend to get excited when some new guy hits on you at the bar. You literally have two weeks until you leave this beautiful place, now is not the time to find a boyfriend.

23. Two weeks before the final, you realize you’ve been pronouncing your professor’s name wrong all semester.

24. The most recent time you participated in a class discussion was when it was about Starbucks. You looked up from your Facebook stalking long enough to add your two cents, but the minute the conversation went back to business law, you went back to judging.

25. You’ve stayed up all night crying with your sisters, but not because you’re stressing over grades as you have been for the past 7 semesters. You’re drunk crying because you realize your time in school is limited, and you need to make the most of it while you still can.


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